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Diet chart for weight loss - onlymyhealth, Diet chart for weight loss: to lose weight effectively, it is important to keep track of your calories intake. Devieka’s post on Yakult visit made me think about health benefits of fermented foods.
There are many fermented foods we have been consuming traditionally worldwide but the modern life and processed foods have made them almost extinct.
Eating fermented vegetables will also help with weight loss and lead to more energy, as well as balance out the pH levels of your body. The other hidden benefit of eating fermented foods is that they can help to control cravings that you might have for sweets. Here on fitnessvsweightloss we write about fitness, weight loss,mobile app reviews,weight loss product reviews,Fitness studio review, dieticians etc. Though undoubtedly the healthiest foods are the freshest of foods but with the amounts of pesticides and insecticides found in the available greenies scare me.

These come out to be pungent, probiotic powerhouses, which boost the good bacteria in your digestive tract, can help heal a multitude of health issues, like leaky gut and IBS, and can even lead to weight loss, better skin, and boosted immunity. Worst is that we buy these fermented foods from the market in the packaged form not realising that they are not going to help our gut anyway as they are full of artificial chemicals called class II preservatives.
These are examples of fermented foods, but when we buy these from the market they don’t actually serve the purpose of giving benefits of fermented foods.
The healthy enzymes which are present in the vegetables flourish when fermented, and create an environment that is full of probiotics, enzymes and minerals which are important for a healthy body.
In today’s world the safest food is the healthiest one and nothing can be better than fermented food. They are also a food that has been eaten by humans across many cultures for hundreds if not thousands of years, and eating them regularly is a really healthy practice to get into.
All the added chemicals in the processed packaged food kill most of these useful gut flora, making nutrient availability poorer.

The probiotic good bacteria and enzymes in fermented foods help to populate our gut and intestines with Lactobacilli which are really important for healthy digestion. It is important to eat fermented foods regularly to actually experience all their amazing health benefits.
Now who hasn’t tasted curd and yogurt (Recipe here) well those are great examples of homemade fermented foods. They also tend to be completely over processed and are also usually pasteurized, which means they have been prepared at high temperatures that kill all the goodness that properly fermented foods provide.

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