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So, I made this chart to illustrate the difference between the whole food (coconut meat) and the processed food (coconut oil). It all goes back to the reason we are trying to teach our kids to eat whole foods and not processed foods. I agree with your points on the whole coconut being more nutritious and that your should limit cooking oils in general.
We would consider flour a processed food, as the process of grinding it and stripping it of it’s nutrients has turned it into a different product than the naturally occurring wheat berry.

The whole food (coconuts) package the healthy fats WITH all the other essential vitamins and minerals to absorb and utilize those fats as nature intended.
All processed oils have the same basic characteristic of providing very little or none of the nutrition that its food of origin has. We are trying to eat as many unprocessed foods as possible and this oil thing is bothering me! I definitely agree that my family should get our fats from foods such as eggs, raw milk, avocados, cheese, coconut meat and such.

I REALLY like the idea of getting fats from whole foods and using coconut oil sparingly AS a healthy cooking fat. I have a different view now because of your post and the comparison of the whole food coconut versus the extracted oils.

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