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The low quality carbohydrates present in foods like white rice, bread and refined flour are notoriously dangerous for diabetic patients. Diabetic patients can totally forget the sweet and refreshing fruit juices with high sugar content. An otherwise healthy option, dairy products made of full fat milk adorn a celebrated position in the list of foods that diabetic persons should avoid. The disease or the specific condition accompanies with it a lot of apprehensions, a lot of it pointing to the ideal diet for diabetic patients.

Though these give a great treat for the taste buds, such foods with high sugar content should strictly be avoided. The villain that distances fruit juices from the diet of diabetic persons is the concentrated sugar content in them. The diet followed should have a positive impact on the glucose levels and indeed, some types of food need to be sacrificed in the course. When in need of some sweet stuff, it is always better to go for fruits like apples and berries.

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