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Close to one-third of adults in the US have high blood pressure, which increases your risk of a heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, damage to your kidneys and erectile dysfunction (1). Ensuring your diet is rich in fruit and vegetables will help you increase your potassium intake, but nuts and seeds are also a good source of this mineral. Although magnesium supplements lower blood pressure by encouraging the muscles in your blood vessels to relax, these supplements are poorly absorbed and digestive upset is a common side-effect (7).
Folate is one of the B vitamins and lowers levels of homocysteine, which is generated from chemical reactions in the body, and is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (8, 9). While you are probably familiar with the antioxidants vitamin C and E, beta-carotene, a range of other plant nutrients also have antioxidant activity. One of the best ways to improve your anti-oxidant status is through a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds which are all rich in arterial protective phytonutrients.
For several decades it has been known that these essential fatty acids cut your risk of heart disease and stroke. Good sources of omega-3 include salmon, sardines, mackerel, herring and tuna steaks, though women of childbearing age should avoid swordfish, tilefish, king mackerel and shark, as these sources of omega-3 are high in mercury (21).
Plant options for omega-3 include flaxseeds, hempseeds, walnuts, and their oils, as well as chia seeds and green leafy vegetables.
Even with advanced nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, I used to struggle to consistently help many of these individuals. I now use this product with individuals with cardiovascular disease, low libido and symptoms of poor blood supply. These resources incorporate both ancient healing practices and new, cutting-edge strategies to supercharge energy and flow of life! It contributes to proper bone formation, maintaining muscle function, keeping body temperature in check, proper absorption of essential calcium, and much more. While raised blood pressure runs in families and can occur as a result of another medical condition, such as kidney disease or Cushing’s syndrome, there are other risk factors that it is possible for you to control. Drinking heavily and using certain illicit drugs also cause your heart to work harder, so reviewing your lifestyle can help reduce your blood pressure readings.
While many people are aware of the need to cut back their sodium intake, which is found in salty foods, to keep their blood pressure in check, there are a number of protective nutrients that promote a healthier blood pressure.

By increasing your intake of potassium-rich foods, while reducing your intake of those high in sodium, you are more likely to achieve a favorable blood pressure (5).
Again, it is largely plant-based foods that supply the most folate, with green leafy vegetables, pulses, avocados, citrus fruits and berries good options to increase your intake of this B vitamin. Then I discovered the power of extended release L-arginine and combined it with the advanced healing strategies and saw remarkable results. I usually do a 1- 3 month active phase using this product to dramatically improve blood flow and then with less extreme cases, a month off to see if there is a relapse or if the body has stabilized to a new homeostatic harmony in blood flow dynamics.
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Foods high in potassium are an important part of the DASH diet, which the American Heart Association recommends to lower blood pressure (6). Pumpkin SeedsPumpkin seeds are a great source of Vitamin E, copper, antioxidants, and magnesium.
A half-cup serving of pumpkin seeds provides 369 milligrams of magnesium—nearly 100% of the recommended value for the day.
A half-cup serving of flavorful Brazil nuts provides contains 250 milligrams of magnesium, or 63% of the daily value. These nutrient-rich legumes carry a high amount of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
A half-cup serving of dry roasted soybeans provides nearly half the necessary magnesium for the day. A cup of prepared wild rice provides your body with 52 milligrams of magnesium, along with several other essential minerals such as folate, fiber, zinc, and iron.

Dark chocolate, as it turns out, is good for your heart, brain, and blood sugar (in small doses, that is).It’s full of antioxidants, vitamin, and minerals, including magnesium. A half-cup of sunflower seeds helps you get 21% of the recommended amount of magnesium for the day.
The magnesium in a half fillet measures 170 milligrams, giving you 43% of the recommended daily value.
Black-eyed peas are nutritional powerhouses that provide your body with high levels of fiber, potassium, protein, and iron. Enjoy a banana when you get hungry next, and you’ll be filling your body with a number of vitamins and minerals. Pecan nuts are packed with beneficial nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants which will give you a boost both in nutrition and energy.
And they taste great, too!Serving Size (1 ounce), 34 milligrams of magnesium (8% DV), 193 calories.Yellow CornCorn is a sweet, delicious food that helped sustain the settlers through the cold, harsh winters in America’s early days. Both of these foods are high in magnesium, an essential mineral for strong bones, reduction of cramps, and alleviation of chronic pain. It’s a high-health and low-calorie super food that provides 157 milligrams of magnesium per cup. When you’re getting enough magnesium, this makes it easier for your body to absorb calcium and put it to good use. They can help prevent or inhibit the growth of certain cancers, protect against cataracts, lower cholesterol, and prevent heart disease and strokes.
Fortunately, there are plenty of foods that are abundant not only in magnesium, but in a variety of other minerals, nutrients, and vitamins as well.
I’m into healthy eating as well as doing research on good food for a diabetic parent. The information and opinions found on this website are written based on the best data available at the time of writing, and are believed to be accurate according to the best discernment of the authors.

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