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Catapult Sports offers a wearable harness that can track a player’s movement on the field.
To help ensure that its players are performing to the best of their ability, the Seattle Sounders FC uses a unique combination of data and wearable technology that allows the team to do everything from track movement and monitor sleep patterns. During practice, the players strap on a wearable harness from Catapult Sports that is used to track precisely how fast and for how long an athlete is moving around on the field. The Sounders also use wearable heart rate monitors, GPS tracking technology, sleep monitors and athlete readiness systems to measure players’ performance and effectiveness.
Once considered the primary (and often uneffective) way for brands to get into mobile, brands are now applying better types of content and data to fitness apps. Now, the outdoor brand has a new iPhone app called Mountain Athletics that includes strength and conditioning workouts that help athletes train for upcoming events in six-week increments. Nike also recently launched a global app called Nike Soccer in 46 countries and 19 languages, making it the largest single app roll out for the brand. Tory Burch is also looking to get into the wearable space but unlike Nike, will not be developing its own line of devices. Wearables have long been viewed as an eyesore for brands, and while Tory Burch may be one of the first to work directly with a company that makes the devices, it will not be the only one to do so, said Ramon Llamas, research manager at IDC.

However, Tom Edwards, svp of digital strategy and innovation at The Marketing Arm, argued that brands should develop their own wearables because of the trove of data the devices open up for better marketing. The Sounders FC uses an array of wearable devices and cameras to track player movement during games and practice. But within two weeks, that same player suffered an injury that kept him out for a few games.
The training staff uses data from the Polar device to help measure how intense a particular workout is for a particular player. Aside from the wearables, each MLS stadium is equipped with motion-tracking cameras that lets teams measure how far and in what ways a player is moving around during a game. Aside from using data to improve the team’s fitness levels, the Sounders — which are hosting a Sports Science Weekend in June — also take advantage of tech tools when scouting for talent. The team uses a web-based analytics platform called Wyscout, which has a library of games, highlights, and detailed statistics for thousands of players around the world. It’s almost hard to believe that this technology was largely non-existent from the soccer field just a few years ago.
That’s certainly true in soccer, where players run around the pitch for nearly 10 miles per match and make a series of sprints that require tip-top physical health.

That information is valuable for a variety of reasons — for example, the data can help the team determine which right exercises will help an injured player recover most effectively. And as more marketers look for ways to experiment with connected devices, brands are also looking to piggyback on the success of health trackers like Jawbone and FitBit to reach wider groups of consumers. While the team has yet to win an MLS Cup, it has qualified for the playoffs every season and had the best regular season record in 2014 — all while playing the most games out of any team in the league since 2009.
For example, if the Omegawave app shows red for the central nervous system (see below) there’s about a 25 percent greater chance a player would suffer a soft tissue muscle injury, depending on age. Henderson, a Washington native who won championships in both the MLS and the NCAA, said one of his first professional soccer coaches would bring a 75-yard rope to practice and attach it to three or four players as a way to teach correct spacing techniques. But there’s no doubt that using information from wearable devices has helped the Rave Green gain an edge on its competition.

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