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Aging adults have specialized needs and the oldest of clients require specialized training, coaching, and conditioning to ensure they achieve results without risk of injury which may be life altering for them. All participants will take part in our initial health & function assessment which will determine their individual exercise program.
With a commitment our neighbors, exceptional customer service and programming that will motivate and inspire, we are here to help you reach your fitness goals. Maybe you didn’t, but he lived until he was 93 years old and passed away the day we opened Stretch Fitness. I think he looked around and saw a lot of his friends losing their mobility, living on all sorts of medications and losing their independence that he vowed not to slow down for fear of ending up dependent on family for care.

Thats the basis behind our Fitness For LifeExercise Program, to help our older friends and family members maintain their durability and independence. This is why Stretch Fitness are members of the Functional Aging Institute – to educate, inform, and certify fitness professionals who wish to specialize in aging adults. The fountain of youth we have all been searching for existed – and it’s the gym!
Tim developed this class for people 55 years and older who want to focus on strength and movement.
Your registration includes full access to Stretch for all public group classes and visits on your own.

In addition to the Silver Power Class, Tim has worked with a wide variety of seniors with varying needs such as Parkinson’s Disease.

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