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Most fitness machines for home use are now available though few or none can beat the Thigh Glider.
Exercise Equipment Reviews, Guides and ComparisonsIn an age where fast food and fast-tracked schedules dominate our daily routine, going for a walk or even to the gym can be quite challenging for most. Still, it is not always easy to select the best exercise equipment that suits your budget, fitness levels and personal needs.
It’s also important- if not crucial- to read as many reviews as you can before indulging in a purchase.
Exercise Equipment Reviewed on Our WebsiteWith the aim of helping you choose the exercise equipment that best adapts to your personal needs, we’ve reviewed the best models of the most popular machines nowadays. One of the most sought-after pieces of fitness equipment, treadmills can easily simulate outdoors walking and running motions. Contrary to popular belief, these machines provide a full-body workout with particular focus on the glutes, thighs, hips, arms, shoulders, torso and ankles. Guaranteed to help you burn around 300 to 900 calories per hour, rowing machines are the best mediums through which you can enjoy a safe and full-body workout at home. Like most fitness machines, rowers come in a wide variety of price ranges according to the specific features which they present. Indoor cycling bikes have steadily gained in popularity over the past few years, with various models, fitness trainers and celebrities acknowledging this particular piece of equipment as one of the primary factors behind their weight loss regimens. The Confidence Fitness 2-in-1 Elliptical Trainer is a good elliptical machine for those who are on a budget but want to get a comprehensive workout at home.
When it is delivered, it’s probably best to have the machine taken to the spot where you will be assembling and using the machine. This fully adjustable machine gives a user options and allows for variety in the workout routines. For beginners or those who want occasional exercise with some variety, this is the perfect machine. As far as the machine itself goes, it has a shorter stride than similar models (only 13” as compared to 20” or more) and lacks some of the ergonomic features found on more expensive machines. Other users note that the the knob which allows them to adjust the machine’s resistance can loosen from time to time. If you are in the search for a rowing machine that would let you benefit from a full-body cardiovascular activity while giving emphasis on arms, shoulders, legs and back, then Lifespan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine is all you need. Talking more about it, this machine is a professional grade work-out equipment that has also won ‘2008 Gear Awards Seal of Excellence.’ This is a comfortable, quiet, smooth and easy to use fitness machine – a great product by its manufacturer that strives to deliver the best in gym equipment like elliptical trainers, treadmills, etc. Users of Lifespan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine can get a peace of mind with its generous warranty and slightly higher weight capacity. Lifespan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine has managed to garner positive response from most of the users.

Indeed, very few of us feel like changing into trendy gym clothes or braving cold weather to head towards the fitness center after a long day at work. The fitness market is practically swimming with an extensive variety of machines in several price ranges. On this website, you will be able to make the most out of unbiased, detailed reviews on some of the best models on the market. We also provide you with in-depth information such as the various features, maintenance, weight capacity, pros and cons as well as price range of each machine. These machines include several features, with more advanced models displaying different inclination levels, heart rate monitors, preset programs, display console, water bottle holder, speed and the likes. These machines combine cardiovascular, aerobic and strength training in one workout, which is why they’re often considered as being the most result-inducing equipment on the fitness market. Indeed, contrary to regular upright bikes, these models take the weight off your joints, allowing you to adopt a comfortable recumbent position as you pedal your way to fitness.
The features vary according to the price range, but most machines offer a display console to help you track the amount of calories burned, time, distance and, in some cases, heart rate as well as number of cycling motions. This machine is unique in that it combines an elliptical trainer and a stationary bike offering a low-impact, full body workout in one machine.
For what it is, this machine gets fairly good reviews for an exercise machine in this price range ($100 – $200). Anyone looking for a sturdy rowing machine that is not so cheap but would break the bank as well, then RW1000 is the rowing machine to bet for.
The manufacturer, LifeSpan Fitness, is greatly acknowledged among fitness experts for producing extremely durable exercise equipment that is intended to last for a lifetime without demanding for regular maintenance.
As per consumer reviews, the average rating it has got is 9.1 on the scale of 10, which makes it a good choice.
However, it’s recommended to make a choice that matches with your personal needs, especially if you’re planning on using your machine on a regular basis. Some machines also come with a special desk where athletes can rest a book or laptop, but these models generally tend to be more expensive. More expensive models also come with electric monitors which allows you to keep a close eye on fitness-relevant data like calories burned and time elapsed, among others. Because of this particular combination of movements, rowing machines will also encourage your muscles to build up more resistance and stamina, allowing you to gradually increase the duration and intensity of your workouts. Contrary to what many people believe, these machines do not lessen the benefits: in fact, a recumbent bike allows you to lose up to 600 calories per hour, with the exact amount depending on factors such as your weight, fitness level and gender.
Users can also choose a resistance level that entirely suits their metabolisms and fitness levels.
Retailing for around $150, this 2-in-1 machine is ideal for beginners who don’t want to invest a lot in exercise equipment or for those who want to exercise on rainy days when they can’t get outside.

The price tag makes it even more attractive, especially for novices who are just get started on a fitness regimen. Some users have also noted that the assembly instructions are difficult to follow and that it takes a few hours to put this machine together. On the downside, be sure to keep in mind that you get what you pay for and that this machine does not have many of the features found another machines. This magnetic resistance rower never troubles its users with annoying noises that is case with most of the fitness machines out there on the market. Users also find it a good fitness machine for a decent workout session at home, and worth the money it asks for. The use of the Thigh Glider and the arm bands delivers an effective workout. To put an edge on the motion of the machine, use the stop wedges. More importantly, this machine will help you experience various terrain types and slopes without even stepping out of your front door.
As far as maintenance goes, these machines usually need to be greased once a month to avoid any squeaky sound while enhancing a smooth glide. Some rowing machines are even equipped with water tanks to provide a more realistic sensation, a feature which outdoors avid users might enjoy.
Unlike some other similar exercise machines, this model is one of the more affordable machines of its type. Having said that, the Confidence Fitness 2-in-1 Elliptical Trainer could be a good option for someone who would like a home exercise machine, but may not be able to afford a more expensive model.
Aside from this, the rowing machine has got several other features like easy storage with fold-up option, multiple levels of tension, and multifunctional fitness monitor. For $200.00 the Thigh Glider tends to be a little expensive than other home exercise machines.
These pieces of fitness equipment also provide a full-body workout, while drawing all the major muscle groups such as the arms, shoulders, abdomen, thighs and calves in the motions. The fact that it functions as two machines in one makes it a good option for many consumers. A few users found that when they pulled the handle instead of seat, the monitor didn’t turn on; but as soon as they moved the seat but not handle, the machine was active.
Also, being two machines in one means that it takes up less space in the home than separate machines with the same functions. Combine all that with the low cost and a person can have an affordable entry level exercise machine in their own home.

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