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I first learned about Squires Fitness when I received an email from Jason Squires, the creator of the plan. Each of the strength exercises is shown in a video so you can learn the correct form easily. He asked me whether I’d be willing to review the program and set me up with an account so I could tell you of my own experience with this plan.
So, if you want to get a sneak peak into this program, read on… What is Squires Fitness Squires Fitness is an online 12 week fitness and nutrition plan which is run by Jason Squires, a fitness trainer from Britain.

Personalized Modules Most of the programs I come across are made up of ebooks or videos which have been made for all people in general.
This isn’t always bad, and it does allow you to buy programs at an affordable price, but if you want a plan which has you and you alone in mind, you may find that the personalized approach in Squires Fitness is more to your liking. With Squires Fitness you actually have a person go over your information and hand-craft a plan for you. Workout Plan In my case, I have been assigned a trainer named Darren, and he has provided me with a workout plan for the first 3 weeks of the program, along with a welcome letter which explains how this plan corresponds to my goals and why it is structured as it is.

Motivation There is an extensive section on motivation in Squires Fitness which may help you stick to your current plan for the full 12 weeks. This is more expensive than other fitness plans but it is cheaper than hiring a trainer yourself.

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