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Fitness boot camps are fitness programs especially designed for individuals to get them in shape and healthy. It could be about business, marketing, motivation, client retention, workout planning or anything else that is useful to you running a bootcamp. Just 3 years later after a lot of learning and experimenting the bootcamp was doing awesome with 10 sessions a week and 80+ attendees. For those of you who are going through this process, I decided to reach out to some other trainers for their stories to help you get some ideas. I got a huge response so I just picked out a few favourites.

If you are trying to think of your bootcamp name, these will really help you think outside the box when coming up with a business name that reflects your personality. As you can see there is a huge array of bootcamp and business names there with many different meanings. Now check if you can register is as a business name, sometimes your name will already be registered. Get more like this each week If you liked this post, sign up to the email list and get new ideas sent to you weekly!

Unique exercises, workouts and drills for using car tyres and battling ropes to help your bootcamp stand out from the rest. The following list of fitness boot camp names are from existing programs throughout the United States.

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