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Discover The Chicago North Center Fitness Boot Camp That Burns Twice The Fat, Gets You Fit And Challenges Your Body Every Time. Chicago North Center Fit Body Boot Camp is a results driven and energetic fitness and fat loss workout program that includes motivation, accountability and dynamic resistance training; all designed to get you the body that you want in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere. Every workout session is led by an experienced, certified Chicago North Center personal trainer and is designed to be fun, supportive and challenging, while burning maximum fat, in minimum time. I Lost 20 LBS!When I came to Fit Body Boot Camp I lost over 20 pounds in 7 weeks for my wedding.

I Lost Over 70 LBS!At Fit Body Boot Camp my instructor helped me lose over 70 lbs and keep it off.
Unlike traditional health clubs you'll never feel intimidated or have to deal with overcrowding, and best off all, at Lincoln Park Fit Body Boot Camp we never yell at you or treat you like you're in a military boot camp. Factor 75 prepares and delivers meals designed to provide a perfect balance of nutrition and taste to enhance mind and body performance.Use promo code 'fitbody' for a discount!
Personalization is key to getting the best possible results, which is why our workout programs are modified to fit your goals and individual fitness level.

I genuinely recommend this program to anyone who wants to take the next step and take his or her body to the next level!

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