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On this page you will find out how Singapore’s most proven fat-melting program gets results over and over again. I tried fat loss pills – Even some that have ingredients that are banned in Singapore today.
I tried every diet out there – High carbohydrate, low carbohydrate, high fat, low fat, high protein, low protein, various liquid diets and so on. I spent thousands of hours studying and applying just about everything I could get my hands on about fat loss, fitness and health.
I realized that there are too many myths, lies and fairy tales and too much misinformation out there when it comes to burning ugly, unwanted fat. Fact #1 – There is little to no government regulation on services or products in the weight loss industry. Fact #2 – Makers of weight loss products and operators of slimming centers want you to fall prey to their advertising and then they want to blame you when you don’t get results. All I did was use only the best fat burning, muscle strengthening methods in the world on myself first. First, I systematized my fat burning system into doable steps so that you can follow it to get great results. The way I teach fat burning, from the exercise program, to the nutrition, to the recommended supplements, is customized for you and your genetics and is designed for people with “average” or “below average” genetics in mind.

It is a combination of world class, cutting edge science and program design, quality coaching, social support, fun, as well as classic exercise principles which never change.
Customization: The program you are on will meet your goals, your current fitness level, and will take into account your past health history and injuries. Lose fat, and keep it off for good – Statistically 93% of people who lose fat gain it back.
My family and friends have commented on the phenomenal loss of weight and the gain in strength. Or you can fill in the box below and start losing fat, toning muscle and living the life you deserve. I did lose some fat but it quickly came back when I stopped with the pills, and I got headaches when I stopped the pills as well.
I want to help others lose weight, burn fat, look good, feel great, and maximize their joy and purposefulness in life. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but they tend to think that the programs that work for the genetically gifted will work for everyone. I want to get into incredible shape right now and understand there is absolutely NO RISK and NO COST to try out your program. With the customized training program, and encouragement from the community there, I was able to excel in national service and am able to handle all the physical demands.

Coach Jon and his team helped me lose 7kg of fat, this lowered my fat percentage from 29% to 21.8% and my clothes all fit much better now.
The big corporations in the weight loss and supplement industry get away with anything they want!
The bottom line is that most people who are exercising to lose fat or get fat are doing it wrong, getting frustrated, and wasting precious time, effort and money. These are real life stories about the results that the my fat burning personal training system delivers. Yes, it’s the effective training program, yes it’s the great coaching, yes it’s the positive environment but put it all together and this is a place you WILL want to tell your family and friends about!
They are not educated enough to get results, they use the same old program for every client, they earn high hourly wages simply for asking somebody to ride a bike or walk on a treadmill. Many Singapore residents have been cheated, lied to, and tricked by unethical companies selling weight loss or fitness products.

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