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First breakfast, which is had every day, is oatmeal made with almond milk and flaxseed meal, then topped with walnuts and organic blueberries. But herein lies the problem with finding good toast: Unless you make bread yourself from scratch—which I’m not gonna do because I’m one of those people who falls under the I’ve-got-too-much-shit-on-my-plate-as-it-is category—your bread isn’t going to be 100% ideal in terms of healthy ingredients. So, despite these common ingredients, I managed to find a couple brands that seem to fit the bill: Alpine Valley (great) and Ezekiel (better).
I’ve been buying Alpine Valley’s Nine Grain, whose taste and texture I love (softer than you’d think for a 9 grain) and want to buy Ezekiel’s Sprouted Whole Grain next for comparison.

Bread is obviously not a whole food, but I think my bread choice means I can enjoy my one slice of toast on the occasional morning knowing that it fits in OK with my healthy diet. Since I’m the only one eating this healthy bread and I really do prefer the sprouted for digestion reasons, I will be an Ezekiel consumer. That’s been totally true…up until a few weeks ago when I decided I really missed having toast for second breakfast. Second breakfast doesn’t always happen, but it’s a slice of toast spread with organic, raw honey and almond butter (omgit’sSOdelicious!) and a couple shots of espresso.

So when you’re ready for more bread, you can just grab a baggy and switch it into the fridge!

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