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For those who follow a low-carb diet, desserts that are both scrumptious and satisfying can be few and far between—with the exception of low carb cheesecake. The following is list of easy low-carb cheesecake recipes that has you covered on the dessert front. When you first decide to forgo grains, you may feel there are limited crust options for desserts. If fruit in your low carb desserts isn’t your thing, then this recipe for low-carb Caramel Pecan Cheesecake is sure to hit the spot—the sweet spot, that is! You don’t need to turn on the oven to experience the homey warmth of this autumnal-themed dessert.
These yummy low-carb and gluten free Caramel Cheesecakes are prepared in individual servings using a muffin tin. This low-carb cheesecake recipe is similar to the above listed No-Bake Lime Cheesecake Shooters, although this one is baked and then cut into bars instead of served in individual portions.
Here’s a creamy twist on the classic lemon cheesecake recipe: a low-carb cheesecake presented in the form of the dessert known as mousse. Another classic cheesecake recipe—raspberry cheesecake—gets a low carb update with this delicious, decadent concoction. The best of all dessert worlds come together in this winning low carb mash-up of chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake and dessert bars.
If you’re on a low carb diet, you may have kissed the idea of cookie pizza good-bye long ago. Not only do cheesecake brownies already sound like the epitome of a dense, thick and yummy dessert, but this delicious recipe offers health benefits as well by being low carb and gluten-free.
Though this recipe is not as low in carbs as some of the others on this list, it is still sugar- and grain-free and contains far fewer carbs than its traditional counterpart. Though the word “truffle” usually denotes a fancy, decadent dessert that is only eaten once in a while, these No-Bake Raspberry Cheesecake Truffles are perfect for popping anytime without doing any damage to your diet.
Here is another tried and true dessert recipe that has been adapted into a delicious and satisfying no carb option.
Cannoli is a notoriously sugar- and flour-laden dessert, and like many such desserts, one that those who have switched to a low carb diet thought they would never taste again.
These dessert bombs are made by wrapping balls of cheesecake in homemade pizza dough, rolling in cinnamon-sugar, and baking until the sugary coating has formed a light brown crust and the dough is cooked through.
Lavender is an interesting and unexpected ingredient to include in foods, especially desserts. If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear that this Skinny Low Carb Peanut Butter Cheesecake wasn’t skinny or low carb. This sweet concoction calls for freeze-dried fruit powder instead of actual fruit, which is often unusable in low carb recipes due to its high water content and carbohydrate levels. With this list of easy low carb cheesecake recipes under your belt, you’ll be able to enjoy eating dessert without ever having to tighten said belt, and without having to give up your old favorites. Because it sets the tone for your day, eating breakfast may be the single most important thing you do to avoid irritability, low performance and depression.
A “sweet” low-carb low-sugar breakfast simply means a meal with a relatively sweet taste to it. A recent study shows that consuming a small amount of dessert at breakfast may help reduce food cravings later in the day.
If you’re looking for a quick and easy low-carb breakfast on the go option, check out this clever protein shake idea. Ingredients: Old fashioned oats, low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, baking powder, sweetener and vanilla. The chocolate protein powder and the Greek yogurt in these delicious waffles add ample amounts of protein to help keep blood sugar low. This unusual recipe for low-carb breakfast muffins calls for almond meal, raw hemp seeds, flax seed meal and nutritional yeast. Eating a small dessert with breakfast can help put a lid on late morning cravings and snacks. Ingredients: Avocado, almond butter, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, ice, no carb liquid sweetener.

Ingredients: Low-carb baking mix, egg, kosher salt, baking powder, nutmeg, ground cinnamon, bananas, vanilla extract, canola oil, no sugar added applesauce and calorie-free sweetener. Cleverly made egg white “tortillas” place these enchiladas on the low carb breakfast recipes list. When you are looking for excellent low-carb desserts check out the best cookies and cheesecakes as well. June 30, 2014 By Carolyn 45 Comments Tender almond flour pound cake brushed with coffee and layered with creamy mascarpone, this low carb tiramisu recipe will have you coming back for more! This dessert was a huge hit for Thanksgiving, and the high carb pumpkin pie was ignored by the kids who typically don’t like low carb things.
I made this Saturday night and I must say, this is the best low carb dessert I have made to date! This sweet treat consists mainly of low-carb foods—cheese, eggs and cream—and is the ultimate in low carb desserts. It’s hard to think of two treats that would be a better match in dessert heaven than these ones. This dessert provides a tangy zip of lime with the smooth, mellow and sweet taste of the cheesecake to create a scrumptious and satisfying low-carb cheesecake option. You can’t go wrong when you sandwich creamy, smooth low carb vanilla cheesecake in between sweet layers of grain-free chocolate chip cookie dough. This recipe takes this traditional favorite a step further by creating a low carb option with a taste and texture identical to that of the original. The use of grass-fed gelatin in the filling makes this an easy and healthy no bake dessert.
These round little treats feature a soft, smooth raspberry-flavored center with a dreamy chocolate coating, and are the perfect dessert for Valentine’s Day. These sweet little gems don’t actually contain cherries, as cherries are not low carb foods.
This easy recipe for Low Carb Strawberry Cheesecake is gluten-free as well, since it doesn’t have any crust. These Cinnamon-Sugar Cheesecake Bombs are different from any dessert you’ve had before and completely addicting, especially when dipped in chocolate sauce or cream. Building on the base of this dessert essential, this recipe also include instructions on how to make the dish crustless, with a chocolate crust, or as a peanut butter cheesecake.
In this mixture, the smooth, luscious properties of the cheesecake filling and the mousse combine to deliver the ultimate in a creamy dessert. This rich and indulgent fudge is creamy, thick, sweet and chockfull of nuts and chocolate—and very low carbs.
This unbelievably luscious and creamy version of the sugary classic was adapted from a recipe originally called the “Dream Cheese Cake.” This low carb New York Style Cheesecake can be topped with any topping you choose.
It’s not every day you come across a cheesecake with a ginger snap crust, let along a low carb one. Delicious and innovative low carb recipes like the ones on this list are proof that great desserts can be made with low-carb foods that are both scrumptious and satisfying.
Low-carb breakfasts and low-carb diets are especially important for those who are trying to lose weight or who are bodybuilding, since they do not cause weight gain and can help prevent lost muscle mass. You can eat as many of these muffins as you like without feeling guilty about your carb intake.
The filling consists of butter, sugar substitute and cinnamon for a tasty breakfast that doesn’t send your blood sugar or your carb count skyrocketing through the roof.
These granola bars are free of grains and sugar and are a simple option if you need a quick low-carb breakfast. Baked until they are fluffy and golden brown, these low-carb high protein breakfast “muffins” will keep you satisfied for hours after eating.
Using egg whites, a taco seasoning mix, sweet bell peppers and chicken, it is both high in protein and low in carbs. Made with one large egg and one tablespoon of coconut flour, this microwave “bread” is perfect for a high protein low-carb breakfast.
Low carb breakfast foods are an excellent method to give yourself the nutrition you need without the risk of weight gain and decreased energy.

Because authentic tiramisu takes lady fingers and store bought lady fingers have plenty of gluten and carbs that just aren’t going to make their way into any of my desserts anymore.
My boyfriend and I are still working on that strawberry cheesecake… gotta finish that before we can try another fun dessert! Here is an easy no bake cheesecake recipe that is low-maintenance enough to whip up on a weeknight, but still packs a serious punch in the taste department. A mixture of nuts such as almonds, pecans and walnuts, cinnamon and a low carb sweetener of your choice stands in for a traditional grain-filled crust. With a crust made from almond flour, butter and Swerve Sweetener and topped with sugar-free blueberry sauce, this dessert is perfect for days when it’s just too hot to switch on the oven. The blueberries and natural sweetener provide great flavor while the ricotta provides fat and substance to this healthy dessert.
These bars differ from other dessert bars in that they feature a macaroon crust made from coconut flakes and coconut powder, along with butter, baking powder and a sugar substitute. The chocolate cookie crust is made using almond flour, cocoa powder and low carb sweeteners, then the pizza is topped with fresh berries and a drizzle of dark chocolate. The sugar substitute used to make the caramel in this recipe is Swerve, which is as sweet as sugar but has an extremely low glycemic index. This luscious cheesecake, with a ribbon of sweet Nutella swirled through it, is impossible to resist—and since it’s low carb and sugar-free, you won’t have to.
Decorate the top with sliced fresh strawberries and drizzle with melted low-sugar or sugar-free strawberry jam for maximum effect. A candy cane and red food coloring for garnishing are optional, as the inclusion of these ingredients increases the carb content. The luscious and creamy peanut butter cheesecake filling combined with a crust made from almond flour, Stevia and butter and topped with Reddi-Whip and chocolate shavings makes an unforgettable dessert you can enjoy guilt-free. This recipe includes classic cheesecake flavors raspberry and lemon, but offers a tasty twist with the homemade low carb ginger snap crust and the individually-sized servings. In fact, on this diet, dessert becomes an enjoyable way to consume more healthy fats and nutrients. Stevia and Swerve are two examples of low-carb sweeteners, as are whole foods such as coconut and berries. Made from old-fashioned oatmeal and a generous amount of egg whites, these pancakes are a filling and healthy low-carb breakfast.
Almond flour is high in protein and low in carbohydrates, making it ideal for low-carb breakfast ideas. The cake itself includes high-fiber coconut flour, vanilla protein powder, Greek yogurt and egg whites for a protein-rich, yet tasty, low-carb diet breakfast.
Because of their versatility, they are perfect for those who quickly become tired of eating the same thing but who want to eat a low-carb low-sugar breakfast.
Low Carb baking is often disappointing (at least for me), but this recipe is absolutely perfect!! Due to how easily this dessert can be stored, you can keep servings cool in the fridge and pop one out whenever you need a sweet, low carb pick-me-up. Armed with this sweet knowledge, it won’t be hard to bid carbs good-bye without ever looking back. Many many thanks to Amy for the inspiration, because I don’t think  I would ever make low carb tiramisu any other way.
Maybe I just haven’t had a good lady finger in my day, but they really are quite boring on their own and are much more useful as part of another dessert than as a stand alone treat. Even though hers was made with Sara Lee pound cake, I took one look and knew I needed to make a low carb version. And I knew exactly the low carb cake recipe I wanted to use for it: my Almond Crusted Butter Cake.

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