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Technology and exercise make an excellent pair; you can now track, plan, and graph your workouts more easily than ever.
Keep your clients on track whether you have a session with them or they are doing a workout on their own. Using GPS technology and compatible with popular heart rate monitors, Sports Tracker keeps your workout info handy right there on your phone. Provide custom workout programs with handy workout cards and online tracking to record their results.
Complete meal planning and tracking based upon government approved USDA Food Pyramid guidelines.

The following contenders represent the most popular tools among Lifehacker readers for tracking, measuring, and quantifying their exercise endeavors. The pricier models add in perks like GPS tracking, virtual training partners, and wireless workout sharing.
All of the Garmin Forerunners have software for both Windows and Mac, designed to help you track, chart, and share your workouts. The software will even track skipped workouts and allow you to send custom messages to keep your clients motivated. Finally, if you're so inclined you can have RunKeeper update your favorite social tools like Twitter or Facebook with workout updates.

The robust social mapping tool also has an emphasis on community and group runs, so you'll find lots of information about local marathons, charity runs, and so on. There you'll find tracking tools, discussion forums, and challenges you can participate in.
MapMyRun has dozens of tools for runners and cyclists to track, analyze, and share their routes and routines.

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