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Anaerobic exercise can generally be seen as those activities that push your muscles close to their maximum capacity for short periods of time – either for the purpose of strength or speed.
Weight training is the most widely used form of anaerobic exercise and also the best way to build muscle. The only problem with incorporating weight training into your self-sustaining active fitness environment is that it is not all that much fun (for me at least). But even though weight training is not my favorite activity, it does happen from time to time that I feel the need to lift some weights.
Another tactic I found to be very helpful is to simply have one light weight in hand while walking around the room, dictating to my computer (as discussed in an earlier post). So, do some thinking about ways in which you can incorporate some enjoyable and automatic anaerobic exercise into your daily exercise routine.
Benefits of this kind of exercise include protection against various forms of degenerative disease, improved strength, speed and agility, reduced risk of injury to muscles, tendons and bones, increased metabolic rate (making it harder to put on fat), as well as some psychological benefits such as stress reduction, improved self-esteem and better sleep. Going to the gym to lift weights is therefore not something that I can realistically see myself doing consistently for the rest of my life (which automatically disqualifies it from my personal healthy environment). For this reason, I bought myself two very innovative adjustable dumbbells (video below) and a weightlifting chair so that I can easily do a few reps whenever I feel like it.

The mice that exercised actually developed new brain cells, making them smarter than their sedentary friends. If you want to slim down rather than bulk up, start off with lighter weights than you actually need, but do more reps. Although this how-to guide is based on a free weight workout, don’t be afraid to move on to the big machines.
Each weight machine designates strength training for a different muscle group and sometimes several: back and shoulder, biceps, upper chest, etc.
Move past them and their chest presses (let them sweat it out on their own!) and onto the free weights. Start with a light weight, either 3lb dumbbells or 5lb weights, and holding them down by your legs (palms facing out), bring them up slowly towards your chest.
And now by incorporating an easy weight lifting exercise program into your workout, you’re smarter than ever. So is hillclimbing. This implies that aerobic exercise (as discussed in the previous post) can also contain a significant anaerobic component.

Then get this: according to a study done in 2010 on the physical benefits of exercise, some mice were given a wheel to run in, while the other group of mice was completely sedentary.
Go to the weight room for an instant intellect boost and multitask better than ever before! The particular aerobic activities that I engage in regularly (cycling, cross-country skiing and rugby) all offer many opportunities for short bursts of anaerobic exercise which I always make good use of. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, and slowly raise them in front of you (straight up to your chin, not outwards.) Slowly bring those weights down by counting to 10 and repeat 4-6 more times and for two more sets.
If you’re new to resistant training, this is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the free weight world.

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