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The information presented on this website is not intended as specific medical advice and is not a substitute for professional medical treatment or diagnosis. How: Hold a 5-10 pound dumbbell in your right hand, and place your left hand on a chair or sturdy object for balance. Send DVD is also good for a simple routine lose weight quickly and safely.Strength training can lead to loss of fat, increase metabolism and growth. Knowing that ballet barre classes are a trend this year for over-50s (I know because we said so on High50), and searching as I am for ways to shape up that I might actually enjoy, I rope in my colleague Rosanna to try it out with me.
The stretching exercises are a counterbalance to the contraction of the isometric stretches, and develop flexibility. We start with standing exercises, knees bent and lifting the arms in various directions, and I soon feel my triceps, biceps and shoulders working. Next is a section of floor exercises, such as lying on your side propped up on one arm and lifting the legs in a scissors movement.
Rosanna: I am quite nervous heading for the studio as it’s Pancake Day and I have just eaten one filled with nutella.
The positions of the floor exercises are similar to yoga but you lift your leg 20 to 30 times on each side while lying on your side rather than staying in the position. The barre exercises are tiring and my legs are shaking like an old woman’s, though the instructor says this is good; apparently it happens when you’re making the muscle work when it’s not used to it.

I am relieved (only for a second) when we lie on our mats: having had twins I have few stomach muscles and I find sit-ups challenging.
The only thing I didn’t like about the studio itself is that it’s carpeted, with harsh overhead lighting.
Place your feet under your hips and fold forward so that your head can rest comfortably on the chair or surface. Hold a 10- to 15-pound dumbbell by one end so that the other end is on the floor when you extend your arms overhead. There are some standing exercises, some using the barre, and some on floor mats, such as the stomach exercises.
The weight-bearing exercises, using your own body weight, help to protect bone density and prolong the health of our bones. A stronger core area improves your posture, enables other muscles to move more freely and with less strain, and helps to prevent mis-use and overuse of the lower back muscles and means less stress on other joints. Developing this combination of strength and flexibility (many of us tend to have one but not the other) is what keeps a body healthier and stronger for longer, and more resilient to injury and wear and tear.
I’d have happily finished at 45 minutes, but this is the part I really need so I dig deep for my last bit of determination.
Next day we were emailed an offer of ?175 for a month of unlimited visits, which is a good deal if you go a few times a week, but I can’t stretch to that.

I like this; it’s similar to The Lotte Berk Method, which I used to do and has a huge affect on sculpting women’s bodies. Best exercises for women to lose weight fastBoomers good exercise for over 50, Boomers Fitness, Active Seniors DVD. Fortunately there is enough variety in the sit-ups and twists to keep me going until the end, and despite the supreme effort I enjoy it because it feels good to be working the body part I need to work. Aim to complete 3 sets for each move, and choose a weight that makes it challenging to complete the final rep of each set. End with the dumbbells directly over your head, palms forward, with elbows fully extended, but not locked. From there, lift the dumbbell off the floor, keeping your arms long, and make a big arc over your body until the dumbbell is over your chest. Press into your left heel to push upward, and step forward returning to the starting position.

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