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This 20 minute home workout is ideal to help you to stay healthy and fit and reduce your stomach fat.
All the exercises are traditional old school fitness exercises that are performed in martial arts clubs, aerobics classes and gyms the world over. This quick home workout routine is designed to improve both cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Perform each exercise as intensively as possible and then rest for up to 30 seconds before moving on to the next one.
The classic push, in the plank position with palms flat on the floor, point forward, about shoulder width apart.
No need to do the 3 minute jog again – you may need to take a little more rest between exercises in the second round.

Well, really if you goals are to get stronger and you can pump out 4 sets of 15, you might be better off increasing the weight more for those exercises. If you do not want your muscles to get bigger but want them harder, more solid, then a heavier weight and lower reps is probably what you need to do, combined with a diet that encourages fat loss. Always ensure that you perform the exercises correctly, holding proper form, especially in the hip bridges and squat thrusts. This does not have to be intensive, so no high knees or jumping around, it is just to gently warm you up for a few minutes before the main exercises.
So you should aim to go through this circuit twice to make it a full 20 minutes of high intensity exercise. If you wish to increase your exercise rate to get fitter and burn off even more fat, then use this as a circuit training workout and repeat it once or twice.

This is a great way to lose weight and reduce your stomach fat as well as improve your fitness.
Of course, you will still benefit from doing more, but optimal gains are made by increasing the weight rather than doing more work.

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