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Detroit’s Slaughter Boot Camp delivers the sort of training you need to master the Warrior Dash running and obstacle course. Detroit Slaughter Boot Camp training will train you to burn rubber through everything Warrior Dash can throw at you. That’s why you need to train for functional fitness conditioning and muscular endurance like we do at Slaughter Boot Camp. At every Slaughter class you will participate in group training drills like suicides, running up hills, bear crawls, crab walks, mountain climbers, burpees, bodybuilders , pull ups, hauling tires, carrying large timbers, and all sorts of other challenging exercises.
However, if you are running Warrior Dash because you love the thrill of competition and you want to arrive for combat in the best shape you possibly can, then Slaughter Boot Camp is exactly what you need.

And I guarantee you’ll be shocked at how much Slaughter Boot Camp improves your ability to dominate the Warrior Dash race. P.S.  Many people have told me that Slaughter Boot Camp is more challenging than Muddy Watters, Swampfoot 4 mile, Warrior Dash, and even the Tough Mudder! If you are a past or current boot camper who refers an individual who joins, we will throw you a FREE MONTH OF BOOT CAMP. BODY MORPH BOOT CAMP GETS YOUR BODY PUMPED LIKE NO OTHER CLASS IN TOWN…AND BUILDS CONFIDENCE!
Bodymorph Boot Camp is an action packed 45minute workout designed to sizzle fat, build lean muscle, improve posture and make you feel better about yourself.

New Bodymorph Boot Camp Members are asked to let us know which class you will be attending.
Body Morph Fitness Gym is in Northern Metro Detroit and serves all of the Metro Detroit area with Personal Training and (Small Group) Boot Camp Classes.

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