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If you want to ease your way into boot camp style training, try taking a class once per week. There was another boot camp where I felt like I was in the military but I liked it because it was in a gym with a ton of stations that you only stayed at for one minute. Neither Kimberly nor anyone asociated with Living The Fit Life will be responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at your home, gym or elsewhere.
SheKnows: We've heard that boot camps are more intense than other fitness classes because of the focus on interval training.
Laura Jackson: One of the major benefits that a lot of people don't mention is that studies have shown that HIIT appears to limit muscle loss that can occur with weight loss, compared with doing a steady state of exercise for longer periods. Bootcamp Exercise Routines: Interview with Caroline FitzgeraldClients love bootcamp exercise routines. The workouts in the program are all full-body, interval-based “strength-cardio” workouts, which means they are strength exercises done so they become cardio events after the first few reps. Boot camps that are suitable for all fitness levels build tremendous camaraderie, which adds to the fun. The added challenge is to keep a count of reps performed for each exercise and then repeat the sequence trying to beat or at least maintain the rep count. Caroline Fitzgerald: The key to a successful boot camp business is offering constantly changing, always creative, always challenging, camaraderie-building workouts.
Boot camps not only blast fat and build strength, they break the monotony of your everyday workouts.

HIIT combines short intervals of maximum-intensity exercise — 30 seconds to two minutes — separated by longer intervals of moderately intense exercise. If you’re a personal trainer, who is planning to start a bootcamp class, or is currently hosting a bootcamp class, then you need to listen to Caroline Fitzgerald.
There are loads of ways to mix this up, using stationary exercises like Burpees and Dolphins, or by using travel exercises like Moglies, Gorillas and grapevines and such.
I don’t care how fit you think you are, boot camps can be a dangerous place for people with unknown conditions. If you are heading to your first boot camp class in the early morning–the day prior make sure you drink plenty of water and eat enough food. Boot camp training doesn’t require fancy equipment – all you need is your body weight and enthusiasm. Because it involves briefly pushing yourself to the max of your aerobic exercise zone, it is more effective than doing a steady state of exercise where you keep your heart rate within your aerobic zone, as in 45 minutes at the same speed on the elliptical trainer.
This type of training is super-fun and keeps your mind and body challenged because you are always changing the exercises — hill runs, frog jumps, sprints. Unlike most boot camp workouts out there, the 50 plus workouts in the Best Boot Camp Workouts program are all based around “formats”. All the workout formats in the Best Boot Camp Workouts program are set up to accommodate all fitness levels. You can get fit without some yelling in your face:-) Save your money guys–those type of camps will break you down and probably up too!

Plus, this is the only type of training that really pushes people out of their exercise comfort zone so you get the fastest results and avoid the dreaded weight-loss plateaus.
That means they all have a point; they are not just exercises strung together for no apparent reason.
My classes are 99% bodyweight exercises, I have incorporated bands for a client with a shoulder injury. And of course you need to make sure you do give everyone the exercise mofications they need.
SheKnows talked to Laura Jackson, personal trainer, boot camp instructor and co-founder of Fit Chicks, to give us the skinny on boot camp fitness. With the consistent, sustained exercise most boot camp promises, expect to lose weight – you may not go from 190 to 165, but a 5- to 10-pound weight loss is pretty realistic. Hey, before you get all gung-ho about joining the next class, here are some helpful tips to survive the boot camp!

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