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Dickson's workout is part of an increasingly popular trend: Fitness boot camps are springing up in parks and other outdoor facilities in New Jersey and around the nation.
Boot camps were reported as a growing trend in the council's 2008 survey of more than 3,000 fitness professionals.
More and more boot camp companies are being established to offer training and certification for instructors, who then teach one company's particular brand of workout. Other boot camps have tailored programs to get fit in time for special events, like a wedding or reunion. Boot camps are high-intensity programs that involve strength and balance training, and cardiovascular conditioning. Certified fitness trainer Ryan Toth said he likes to keep things "lighthearted" for the clients who attend his Total Core Fitness Boot Camp in Middlesex County. Stephanie McGrath, 38, of Far Hills, is happy she lost 25 pounds since signing up for Dickson's boot camp three years ago.

Our Fitness Boot Camp is a total-body conditioning class that focuses on moving your body in many of the ways it was designed to.
Exercise multiple muscles simultaneously = maximize caloric expenditure and anaerobic conditioning.
All exercises performed are “core” exercises = maximize muscular development and tone the abdominal and hip regions during every Fitness Boot Camp workout. Stay-at-home moms and out-of-shape suburbanites are joining bootcamp-style classes that offer intense workouts. The boot camps incorporate the drills and calisthenics used in military boot camps, but most - including Dickson's - are doing so without the tactics of a screaming drill sergeant.
In a survey released in April by the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, 30 percent, or 1,003 member clubs that responded, reported having fitness boot camps among their offerings. You're in a more open and free and natural setting," said Nancy Kennedy, a certified personal trainer who conducts her Hunterdon County Adventure Boot Camp three days a week at dawn in Mine Brook Park in Raritan Township.

Inspire Fitness Boot Camps use multiple joint movements that maximize your caloric expenditure, strengthen your core, increase your workload, improve your flexibility and decrease your body fat and overall exercise time! Inspire Fitness Boot Camps are “FUN” and highly energizing while forcing your body to constantly adapt and change! Certified Personal Trainer Karianne Dickson with Homebodies Training offers hour-long bootcamps in Bernards Township that challenge participants to strengthen their body and mind with strength exercising, drills, cardio and circuit training.
Our fitness boot camp classes along with our weight loss nutritional advice will teach you how to build a fat burning metabolism 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year! It is more than likely YOUR CURRENT NUTRITION AND EXERCISE PROGRAMS and you can fix the problem!

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