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These exercise and fitness articles reflect personal struggles and ways I have overcome different areas of exercise and fitness as a wife and mother. Increased Energy Level – Exercise increases endorphins which cause me to feel more clear-headed and improves my mood.
Delight your husband – Besides the increased confidence in your body, the fact that you are more toned speaks volumes to your husband, and he notices. I was interested in Zumba when I first heard about it: a cardio-fitness workout with a Latin twist that was more like dancing than exercising.
Last week I went to Zumba two days in a row, and when I did that India song that second day, my legs turned to jelly and I almost fell. Full DisclosureI am an affiliate for Bright Ideas Press, Ultimate Homeschool Expo, and Amazon.
Susan's Homeschool Blog is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Many Zumba classes are held at churches, and my own Zumba instructor is a married Christian woman with two small children.

It’s called Bloomsday, and tens of thousands of people run it every year here in Spokane.
I threw them all in the trash except for the Jillian Michaels one, the one that says “Eliminate Love Handles, Muffin Tops, and Wobbly Arms for Good!” Sure enough, after doing her absolutely impossible workout two or three times a week, I was actually gaining some nice definition in my stomach. I speak at homeschool conferences, teach creative writing classes, and homeschool my kids using unit studies. She moves her body in a sensual way that would be highly appealing to her husband, and I want to learn exactly how she does that. Someone let me borrow their extra skirt last time, and it was even more fun to feel the jingles swooshing.
There is no dreaded workout, no watching the clock because I wish it was over, and no resentment that I have to exercise to keep my body in shape for my husband.
Even though I’m a total klutz and I fumbled around like an idiot, I eventually learned the moves.
You just type in your zip code, and lots of classes come up that are right near your house.

No matter what shape you’re in, no matter what a klutz you are, you can learn how to surprise and delight your husband and make him happy. And as another aside, if we put homeschooling above taking care of our physical bodies, then we love our children more than our husbands. So for all you homeschool moms out there who are having trouble losing weight and want to try something fun, this is it. One song had the words “I like them chunky,” and we did squats so many times to the beat of the music that my legs burned. We hop with one foot up and down, and my leg burns so bad, but everyone else is doing it, so I don’t give up.
And yet there is something about exercise that helps you to think more clearly, have more energy, and be more toned for your husband.

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