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STRONGMAN™ was formulated exclusively for bodybuilders like you to provide the complete package of essential micronutrients you need to optimize muscle growth. Micronutrients are the vitamins, minerals and other essential biochemical compounds needed to maintain the body’s overall function and maximum efficiency. STRONGMAN is designed to provide the complete package of vitamins, minerals and other essential biochemical compounds you need to maximize your muscle-building potential.
But nutrition isn’t just macronutrients – proteins, carbohydrates and fats – it’s also essential micronutrients. In fact, micronutrients may be considered more important for bodybuilders than calorie-producing nutrients precisely because of their ability to impact physiological functions. STRONGMAN provides all the essential micronutrients needed to support muscle building and recovery by providing four complexes that go beyond your average vitamin and mineral blend.

Micronutrients are the vitamins, minerals and other biochemical compounds the body needs to build a hard-muscled physique.
Virtually every energy production or muscle growth process a bodybuilder relies on is dependent on the right proportion of vitamins and minerals. STRONGMAN is formulated for serious competitive bodybuilders who want to optimize their anabolic muscle-building capacity. This essential micronutrient pack can optimize your macronutrient intake, ensuring efficient and full utilization of all the food you need for maximum muscle building. STRONGMAN’s MUSCLE•MULTI complex packs a full complement of vitamins and minerals to sustain metabolic function, growth and recovery. STRONGMAN can be combined with any FUSION BODYBUILDING supplement, though because it includes an OMEGA•OIL™ softgel, you can reduce your regular OMEGA•OIL intake by one.

STRONGMAN’s unique formulation is designed with everyone in mind, which means it does not contain any ingredients that would benefit only male bodybuilders.
Last but not least, OMEGA•OIL provides an advanced omega-3 EFA formula consisting of a special ultra-pure blend of three fish oils. The STRONGMAN nutrient pack ensures you get the most out of the macronutrients you are consuming to build muscle, recover faster and reach your full bodybuilding potential.

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