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Remove Watermark has been tested by Softonic, but it still doesn't have a review in English. Although you can’t eliminate watermark entirely, blurring could make it much less obvious. If the watermark conveys some messages that you don’t want to be shown on the video, or you prefer to add your own logo, just cover the old watermark with a new one.
If the watermark is in the corner, small and tight, you could crop this area to remove the watermark.
Here, I’d like to explain how to remove watermark from video a few details by applying the second method - cover watermark with a new one.
First, we need a watermark software - Video Watermark, a very good, strong recommendation.
Move cursor on the watermark and draw it to original watermark up; resize the new watermark to completely cover the original one.

Whatever the reason, removing watermarks from a photo is something most marketing people will have to do at some point in their career. If you’re here because you want to remove the watermark from a stock photo, just buy the damn thing and stop being cheap.
Don’t forget about the value of your time: if you’re going to spend an hour+ deleting a watermark (that won’t turn out perfect anyway) then seriously consider ponying up the cash and do the right thing. Watermarks are designed to be a pain to remove cleanly, so if you’re reading this tutorial, this means you’ve done the math and decided that removing the watermark is worth the time and effort! Rinse and repeat until you’ve removed a significant amount of the watermark and can get on with your day!
I would imagine it would be easier to recreate the watermark than try to extract it out of an image and place it somewhere else.
If you want to remove watermark from video then use it for business without permissions, you may undertake the legal responsibility.

Click “Add Video” to import the video in which you want to cover the original watermark with a new one. Don’t select the whole watermark all at once, do it in stages so you have more control and can undo and redo without having to start over. I want to get the watermark out of the photo so that the watermark can be re-applied to other images.
In that case, I’d do an image search to find a version of the watermark with a low-noise background, then try to match it manually.
Also, you may find that after editing the obvious parts of the watermark, the picture becomes usable and you don’t need to spend more time on it.

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