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In this list you can download free ebooks that range from Romance to Horror, Sci-fi to Historical Fiction. Many of the free eBooks here are only free for a limited time, mostly as special promotions, so download them while they are still available.
Here you can find hundreds of eBooks for free: no fees, no upgrades required, no charges, period. Serving classics already in the public domain, eBook-cafe allows you to explore classic literature unabridged. Download any 20,000 free eBooks here without even giving your email address or registering. Martview features tons of free magazines to download from but you have to use the martview reader to view them.
Free Book Group – A free ebook resource for books about business, entertainment, medicine, language, literature, science and more! Our goal is to find Some of the best andorid book reading apps to read eBooks and PDFs which you can download for free online. By the way, there are many of us who loves to Download Ebooks, ePub books and PDF books over the internet and certainly look for some great apps to put them on to read on our Android. Now checkout out a few more Best Android Ebook reader which allows to import pdf books easily and has good reading features.

Here in Canada Kindle (hands down the best free reader, providing bookmarks, notation, dictionary, etc. For that I’m using Aldiko, which is attractive, ad free, lightweight and fast, works off microSD, and is easy to figure out. We have been posting about several types of EBook Readers and other possible options; here is another free EBook reader, named as KooBits. You can easily read EBooks in popular EBook file formats like PDF, EPUB, XML, HTML, KBJ, etc. The best thing about KooBits which impressed me most is, generally you need to dig deep in PDF tools to find an appropriate PDF reader for you, when it comes to EPUB, again you need to search, and decide on your choice of EPUB Reader, but KooBits handles them both at one place. You will be spoiled for choice from the more than 1 million free ebooks available in 8 subjects including biographies, mystery novels, romance and religion.
The library is loaded with many marketing, romance, medical, and other free ebooks in pdf format.
Find and download your required document for free or upload your own documents to share with others.
Download books in software engineering, developing for Android and iPhone, computer science, web design, and others in PDF format, or just read them online. As you can guess from the title, google has to offer a wide range of books from its own play store where you can download free ebooks and purchase the premium books.

This free EBook reader not only supports several EBook file formats, but also gives you an option to download free as well as several paid books too from the KooBits bookstore, reminds me of Kindle.
Free Books (shows available books for free in bookstore as well as the ones you have already downloaded), Paid Books (shows available paid books and the downloaded ones), and local books (shows the books which are available on your system, and has been added to library). Overall the KooBits is an awesome EBook reader, this definitely is one of the best EBook readers I have ever seen, however there is a feature known as Drop Box, I couldn’t understand what it is all about.
Some of us prefer them in ebook version simply because they are so easy to locate, download and store for future reading and reference.
Without further ado, let’s take a look at 20 additional places you can download free ebooks from.
They post these ebooks on the site so visitors are encouraged to check the site every day for resale opportunities. Your search results will be curated for you and you get direct links to download or buy your ebooks.
The books you download from the Bookstore, can be read in flip style, just like a real book reading experience.

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