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It can be daunting, but the tips below will help you make healthy choices easier when you're committed to a budget. 5.Pack your lunchEating take-out, snacking at the vending machine, or eating cafeteria food can easily derail your fitness goals and put a dent in your budget. But, as the prices go up at the grocery store, it is harder and harder to know how to eat healthfully within our budget. Eat less meatInstead of eating meat every night, try swapping in some whole grains and legumes. The other day I stumbled upon our sweet lil’ budget from when John and I were newlyweds.
We feel committed to nourishing our family well and want to buy the healthiest foods we can, but try to do it without breaking the bank. With that said, I do have some sneaky little tricks and tips to help you save a little cash and still eat like a fitness model.
They also have an awesome FREE app you can download on your phone for quick reference when you’re shopping or eating out.

While eating out can sometimes be more convenient, cooking at home is easier on the wallet and the waistline.
When I have a budget, I feel more free to spend (and not spend) because I know the parameters within which I’m working. If you need to skip meat a few times a week for the budget’s sake, you can still add a little gelatin to your meal! If you’re on a budget you should be prioritizing, and your health is the most important thing you have. However, mealtime does not have to be unhealthy, costly or complicated: eating right can be convenient, nutritious and affordable.
The good news is that by purchasing higher costing, quality meats but eating less of them and incorporating vegetarian protein options into your diet, you will be able to save more money. Often times, these eggs will be less expensive than the pastured eggs you might find at specialty health-food stores.
But for optimal health you should be eating a wide variety of fruits and veggies in order to get more of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

You should create a grocery budget and make a list of the groceries you will require for the week before going to the grocery store.
When you spend your money on eating clean you should feel grateful to be fueling yourself with life and light and love. He recommends budgeting for everything dollar you make and setting your food budget around 10% of your total income.
I LOVE the ease of using my debit card so we use this online budget tracking program instead.

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