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I know that the lessons and all the books say that you can’t find happiness by chasing new destinations all the time. We could either chastise ourselves for all the things we do that brings us happiness even though according to the spiritual leaders and the self-help books, it’s not what real happiness is.
That’s exactly what Restore Your Roar re-boot camp was for ten of us this past January. Here is Olivia and Amanda, the Restore Your Roar facilitators, on the side of a volcano with bellies exposed after eating seventeen pounds of guac and chips by the ocean after a day of hiking and exploring. You’ll note that some of us wore t-shirts from the free box that the volunteers at Kalani keep for clothing trade, and some of us wore Lululemon every day. Each morning, we literally got out of bed and walked down a dirt road to eat breakfast with our sunglasses on. We spent Sunday night passing around individual homemade Hawaiian ice creams talking about sex, our bodies, and being women. There is definitely sand and lava rock that’s still hiding in our backpacks and our sneakers. As a group, we gained immense knowledge and respect about the volcano goddess Pele, reminding us there are things out there so much bigger than we realize. As a group, we felt the strength and resilience that comes from seeing a town literally full of lava and witnessing the kupunas (elders) bless the lava – not asking it to stop flowing, but to welcome the strength to accept at all times.
As a group, we experienced true aloha – when a perfect stranger offers to give you a ride back from a local farmer’s market and then offers you all the avocados from his farm hanging out in the backseat.
There’s actually a fruit that tastes caramel flan and another one that tastes like chocolate pudding and another one that tastes like a fucking rainbow. See, we didn’t have time to focus on promotion for our next retreat, because we were too busy eating lilikois and screaming like hyenas on our final night while we danced like the sexy goddesses that we are.
In between the lines of our itinerary for Restore Your Roar are the moments that make the experience what it is. Olivia and I got to watch women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and ages transform in front of our very eyes. We are so thankful to have shared those six days in the Hawaiian jungle with our very first group of Restore Your Roar ladies, and now, we invite you to join us for the second round. Fly your sweet ass to Hilo and Kalani Oceanside Retreat will arrange transport to its 120-acre paradise where Olivia and I will be waiting to lei you. The next morning, a transformative week of body love, movement, affirmations, emotional eating awareness, feminine spirit, Pele’s power, Hawaiian experiences, tropical breezes, and aloha will commence and I guarantee you, you will never be the same. We invite you to visit our Restore Your Roar site today to view our itinerary, testimonials, pictures, pricing, FAQ’s, and signup information. Like, I definitely want to tell you that I talked shit on you when you presented yourself in the way of four beautiful opportunities that went ahead and overwhelmed me last fall. And I also want to apologize for all the times I brushed you aside so I could make money and pay my bills. I know there are other places that you want to take me, and really, I’m so on board with that. If I may get emotional and mushy for a second here, I just have to say, that I truly have a love for you I’ve never felt before. Our journey together has been far from smooth, and while we’re being honest, I just have to make one last confession. Write down 10  things you are grateful for, ten things you are excited for, and five BRAGS. I still get excited when I see something that isn’t junk in my mailbox, and that feeling keeps getting rarer thanks to email. Join me, and a fucking awesome woman named Olivia Petzy, for a life-changing six days of shimmying, sweating, and sharing at Kalani Oceanside Retreat in 2015. Because of my experience with the starving artist life, and my inability to ever attend Geneen Roth’s workshops due to the high cost, it is of utmost importance to me that this Restore Your Roar workshop is accessible to people like me.
So you, my blog readers and Roar movers and dancers and New Yorkers and Australians and mothers and sisters and women of all sizes and ages (sorry boys, this time around is just the ladies), are receiving the Roar Rate. I encourage you to watch this video, so you can get a taste for the Kalani experience before you even board your plane. To register, and for more descriptive details, including Olivia’s bio, sample menus at Kalani, spa services, and more, click here.
I am so in love with you, and really truly, I do not mind your Facebook messages asking me the difference between Pennsylvania and Hawai’i. When you message me to let me know you’ll be visiting, I will always ask you first and foremost, what island you will be visiting.

There’s listicles of ways to make your morning happier, your relationship happier, your body happier, your home happier. Or we could enjoy the fleeting moments when someone hands us a fruity cocktail and puts Mr.
Chances are, we’ll sleep through our alarm tomorrow, lock our keys inside the car, and spill coffee on our white jeans.
Just deep breaths and genuine appreciation for all the stupid little moments that make our lives great. Not because we were hungover, but because the goddamn sun was about to rise with the whales in the water and we needed to not go blind while watching it happen.
Yes, there are mealtimes and discussion times and movement times and flight transfers but in reality, the true magic that occurred wasn’t scheduled in. Dinner will be served using local ingredients, and your accomodations will astound you as you look out over the ocean during the day, and look out under a ridiculous blanket of stars at night. I went to a therapist and said I was very thankful for you coming to the party, but I wish you would have warned me that I would have so many projects on hand so suddenly.
I know that spending more time with you would have helped me to see there’s more ways to pay bills than what meets the eye, but at the time I was so focused on moving into my own place and living completely independently that I cheated on you with Fear. I mean, there you were, asking us to jump in and swim with you and three hundred wild dolphins and all we could do was keep singing and screaming like school children. I mean, seriously, thank you thank you thank you for collaborating with me these past few weeks because honey I don’t know if you noticed, but for a while there, choreographing without you was realllllllly having an effect on what I turned out.
In the spirit of doing things and feeling good NOW, it’s 21 prompts to get you feeling fab FAST. Check out of reality for a few minutes and take a beach break while you take deep breaths (and dream of a poolside smoothie!). Well, I got up so early that I was ready to go and decided to set my alarm for an extra ten minute snooze. You can state your intention(s), write what you want to release, questions you have, anything goes. Olivia specializes in leading group fitness classes that allow and empower every person present to fully express themselves through movement regardless of their level of dance skill or athleticism.
And it would be absolutely lovely to see you and catch up, even if we haven’t spoken since I had a crush on you in sixth grade.
It’s not something you can change with a snap of a finger and a purchase of a journal of happiness quotes with happiness pictures and lines for happiness thoughts.
And when I’m really, really sad, to have them on my couch with me, brings me comfort and a semblance of joy.
Jones on the jukebox and we are inclined to literally scream at the top of our lungs, I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. But while we tell the story about it to our best friend and laugh about how this is the sixth time that this has happened, this month, we are allowed to relish in the fleeting moment of happiness that comes with camaraderie, joking, and self-deprecation. I stopped sleeping because I wanted to keep you around and then the sleep deprivation got the best of me and then I was sick and sad and I just proceeded to ignore you for three months and I can’t imagine how that must have felt. I am a broken and cynical woman at this ripe age of twenty-seven going on twenty-eight, and I ask for your forgiveness when I doubt you and criticize your choices. I put all my chips on the table and I am ready for our next spontaneous adventure, even if it requires a lot of energy and putting on my sneakers.
I can still barely believe that Amanda and I re-connected (you can read about our history here) and that Restore Your Roar is happening in 136 days.
If you are the only person who can get your nephew to stop crying when he’s tired, then you are an expert! Write out YOUR True Hollywood Story, and frame everything you’ve thought of a setback or challenge as a PLOT TWIST leading up to your overwhelming success. I am going to fly into Savannah like the hot New York woman I am, wearing a hot outfit for the show and cast party I am attending tonight. To reserve your spot, contact Catherine May at Kalani before September 15th to use our extended Roar Rate of $985 (after that, the rate goes up $100). Known for some of the cleanest air in the world and lush, colorful jungle that you have to see to believe, the Big Island is known for it’s healing powers. We will spend time in guided writing exercises and journaling as we dig deeper into cultivating self-love, for both what we see in the mirror, and how we feel when we move our perfect-as-they-are bodies. You’ll be surprised at what the spectacular views, the smell of the ocean, and the power of nature can do for your soul. And of course, for a very detailed list of Frequently Asked Questions, including travel advice and what to pack, click here!

Because I keep scrolling, reading all of the obvious answers about colored paints and fruity teas and grow irritated wondering if anyone is ever just gonna get real about happiness. Maybe lunch break at a job we hate is the happiest hour of our day, and until we figure out what else we want to do, we cherish that hour. I think that life is more worthwhile enjoying those moments, than constantly keeping an even keel and remembering that everything could come crashing down tomorrow.
I know, I know, how insulting to your soft gentle beauty, but his eight-pack spoke to me at the time and you weren’t there to direct me otherwise so I allowed my mind to wander. Your unwavering patience amazes me day after day, and I know that I will spend the rest of my life in awe, just, trying to figure out how you find the energy to keep showing up for me in my darkest moments, encouraging me to keep looking for the rest of you. If you’re feeling down, this is gonna lift you up and if you’re already feeling groovy, this is only gonna take you higher. My hair and makeup is perfect, I am a brilliant packer so I have one tiny suitcase, and my dress is hot. You’ll have plenty of time to release and rejuvenate by relaxing and taking advantage of Kalani’s pools, yoga classes, spa experiences, Hawaiian culture classes, and more. However, this wasn’t always the case– she used to be hugely insecure in her body and the way it moved. Out of those eight, you will probably find yourself on one of the four main tourist islands – Oahu (home of the city Honolulu), Maui (a popular honeymoon destination), Kauai (the most beautiful and lush of the islands), or the island of Hawai’i, commonly known as “The Big Island” (where I currently live and teach). But if it brings you joy, or it brings you cringes, like, it contributes to your happiness level.
And then when you overdo it, take a step back and cover your head with pillows until you’re ready to go outside and try it again. It’s not so much work to hang out with you, and you remind me of the friendships I have back on the east coast that I was too busy missing and complaining about missing this whole last year to even notice you were trying to step in and make up for it. So instead, I think I’m just going to close my eyes every once and a while and try to express it through my heart. I will arrive in Savannah, pick up the car I rented at 7:30 this morning, and drive myself to Hilton Head Island because I am smart, savvy and independent, and I am fearless. Feel free to check out our itinerary and FAQ’s, but act fast – there are only six spots left! You’ll tone and tighten every part of your body, while you lift your mind, body and spirit. This experience is not about losing weight or a number on a scale. Four years at a conservatory program renowned for its dance program did nothing for her self-confidence, and she felt deep despair over her dance ability. Attend our classes, ask questions, book a massage, take a nature walk, swim naked, and immerse yourself in aloha. Anything can add to your happiness – just don’t let one thing take over and control it all. And I hope that we will be so connected in that moment that you can feel my gratitude through the squeeze of my hand, since my vocal chords won’t be able to do my feelings justice.
She would literally be in tears before every dance class– and with up to four dance classes a day, that’s a lot of tears.
I want you to be able to join Olivia’s inspirational classes, and eat fresh pineapple, and try Kona coffee, and hike the side of a real, live, active volcano. And if that involves champagne and footed pajamas with the curtains closed while you binge watch Parks & Rec for the fourth time through, then so be it. I’ll be honest, because as you and I both know, I am honest to a fault sometimes, but you have to know up front that he still stops by every now and then. The first time I see my husband will be when he opens the show wearing a tux and we will share a look of love and apology and humor. Everyone just sits there with their beers, backs hunched and heads bowed, and Pity plays this beautiful music.
The show will be amazing, i will have a cocktail at intermission, and we will reunite in the lobby when it’s over. Five years later, the girl who hid in the bathroom to avoid dance class spends her days not only teaching dance through Shrink Session, but loving every perfectly imperfect shimmy and shake. With a degree in musical theater, Olivia is an actor, improviser, writer and group fitness leader certified by AFAA.

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