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Always go lean: When you're cooking at home, choose a lean option, and think of fattier meats as an occasional indulgence.
Get smart with ground: Ground meat options can be laden with fat, and poultry is no exception to the rule since it often includes dark meat and skin. Use the right cooking methods: Choosing the right meat from the butcher is only half the battle, but you also have to cook it with care. Trim the fat: Unfortunately, removing fat is part of the process when it comes to healthier meat practices.

The leanest poultry pick is white meat with no skin, while the best cuts of beef include round, chuck, sirloin, or tenderloin. With minimal oil and butter, grilling, broiling, roasting, and baking are your best options for keeping lean meats light. When choosing lean sandwich meats from the deli counter, always ask if there are any low-sodium options. When cooking meat in your oven, be sure to put the meat on a rack in a baking pan to allow the fat to drip away.

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