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The tangy peach barbecue sauce that glazes these pork chops is incredible on grilled chicken or salmon as well.
This boldly flavored spin on Hoppin' John replaces salt pork or bacon with lean pork chops. Turn your dining room into a French bistro when you dress up pepper-crusted pork chops with a rich, creamy brandy sauce.
Fennel-crusted pork chops with a warm citrus-and-fennel salad is a terrific antidote to a dreary winter day. A little cornstarch gives the sweet and salty Marsala sauce for this pork dish the kind of body it would usually take a cup of heavy cream (rather than low-fat milk) to achieve.
Pork chops, including boneless pork chops and pork cutlets, are an affordable and healthy option for dinner and can be grilled, baked or sauteed. Carolyn, I’ve never been disappointed by any of your recipes and this one was a home run!! I went grocery shopping with my mother this week and tossed both pork chops and bacon into my cart.

These pork chops look absolutely delicious, much more tasty than simply broiled pork chops! The original is made with ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese and pickles pressed and griddled between two pieces of soft white bread. The recipe makes plenty of sauce, so you’ll want to serve it with some egg noodles or mashed potatoes to soak it all up.
Our pork chops recipes, including grilled pork chop recipes, stuffed pork chop recipes, baked pork chop recipes and barbecued pork chop recipes, are flavorful dishes to enjoy any time of the year.
I would like to write a post about this recipe on my blog, referring to your blog for the recipe if that’s okay with you.
The thick flavorful sauce, rich pork chops and pickled onions all come together in an explosion of flavors and textures. Try Pork Chops with Creamy Marsala Sauce for a crowd-pleasing comfort food or Stuffed Pork Sandwich for a hearty weekend lunch.
This lovely dream of a low carb, high fat recipe came to me when I was staring into my freezer, looking at the 30 pounds of pasture-raised pork I bought recently.

Although, if you are a good low carber, chances are you already have all of this in your fridge. Add onions to bacon in the bowl. Increase heat to medium high and sprinkle pork chops with salt and pepper. So hurry home and whip out a good skillet, chop your bacon, slice your onions and get ready to rock and roll. Then turn chops over and reduce heat to medium, cooking on the second side until internal temperature reaches 135F, about 7 to 10 more minutes.

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