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admin | Healthy Vegetables List | 26.03.2014
Just made these with a tablespoon of baking powder, chocolate protein instead of vanilla, and no milk- still delicious!!!
This entry was posted in WLS Recipes and tagged 10 things, cheesy, dinner, easy, eggs, facebook notes, fluffier, fratata, fritata, high protein, low carb, meal, mexican cheese, mushrooms, onion, pack on the pounds, post weight loss surgery diet, quick, recipes, spinach, vegetable soup, veggie frittata. The consistency was the worst and I hated the flavor of my protein powder, so that didn’t help.

I just tried making these using vegan protein powder, and a full banana instead of the egg, but the pancakes just don’t stay together (they still taste excellent though!).
In the highly unlikely event of leftovers, try dicing the pork and using it in place of bacon for a breakfast scramble. Would love to make these but am curious to know if they would taste the same without the protein powder!

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