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Weigh yourself every week on a certain day in the morning before you eat and after you go to the bathroom. Weighing yourself daily can lead to what some people call "scale obsession," or an unhealthy fixation on daily results.
When exercising, think how you'll look after you lose some weight, it boosts your wanting to exercise. If you exercise you will feel more confident In your body even if you are still the same weight.
Tests have proven that if you get on a scale too much you actually gain more weight, so it's better to base it on something like how you feel in your favorite jeans or what your family notices. If you find that you are not losing weight after a few weeks, you may want to see a nutritionist.
Meet Colie, a wikiHow editor from the US who has been part of the community for over five years. Lot's of teen girls want to lose weight safely and fast, but they don't want anybody to know. Eat three meals a day, and make sure you never skip breakfast because that gives you the fuel for the day. Eat your breakfast with a banana because this can help you speed your metabolism up for the day. Try swimming in the morning if you can before breakfast because it speeds your metabolism up for the day. If you are confident about losing weight you will be more likely to have some great progress! If you really hate veggies, have some hummus or peanut butter with it, or instead, opt for a handful of unsalted nuts.

It's easier than trying not to eat everything you get because it's an automatic habit to finish your meals.Try eating on a smaller plate, too. It doesn't matter if you lift weights, walk around your neighborhood, swim, or jog on a treadmill, you will lose weight, as long as you exercise 3-4 days a week, and burn more than your calorie intake.
When you see that 3 to 9 pounds get off, you'll feel great and feel like any amount of weight that you lose is a revelation.
You might think that skipping meals will help you lose weight, but the truth is, it does just the opposite.
Doing so, will put your metabolism into "starvation mode" which will slow down metabolism and slow down weight loss. There are lots of great websites that will track your calorie intake and output that really help you lose weight! These are great and will help you lose weight faster and more efficiently, but don't beat yourself up if you go over your calorie goal. Keep a log of everything you eat, every exercise you do, and how many inches your waist is (or whatever kind of body part that needs weight loss).
Do whatever is comfortable and convenient for you, as long as you drink that amount of water.
For example, you might have a family trait that makes the women in your family more muscular. Don't constantly weigh yourself or you will become upset with how your scale numbers don't go down every day.
If you lose more than 3 pounds a week, you could be losing weight too fast, which is unhealthy. However, if you decide to fast (a controlled period of time where you only drink water or juices to cleanse your body or aid weight loss), daily exercise will keep your metabolism from slowing down, which would cause rapid weight gain when you start to eat solids.

It may be harder to lose weight as a teen because of all the goodies you see in the lunch room, or when you see your friends eating pizza. You will think that you have gained weight in fat but you really just have grown a bit or gained muscle. Unless you are making your own juice at home with a juicer, this is a great way to get tons of nutrients and adds in weight loss. Depending on your weight and amount of weight loss needed, however, it might not be unhealthy.
Try going for a run when nobody is home, or if there are people home, take your dog for a walk and turn it into a run!
If you weigh-in everyday it will discourage you since you can vary a few pounds day to day due to water weight. It is going to be hard, that's for sure, but if you are really determined and motivated, then you can do it!
It has also been proven that drinking three liters of water a day inhibits the loosening of skin, resulting in the formation of less wrinkles.
If you gain the will, power, and determination it takes to lose weight, it will be the best decision of your life! Ask your doctor because they know your family records and will help find a weight healthy for you.
Calculate your weight now, and if you are in the normal range, you shouldn't lose more than a few pounds.

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