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Supported Text File FormatsAnd the Kindle Fire HDX supports the following Text files:TXT PDF DOC DOCX Formats for Text are for supported "personal" documents.
Step 3: Adding eBooks to the Kindle Fire HDXNow that your book is in a format that your Kindle Fire HDX can understand, it's time to transfer it to the tablet. Transferring eBooks via USBFor OS X users, you'll need to install the Android File Transfer (AFT) app on your computer in order to make a successful USB connection. With this guide, I'm going to focus on the right format you need for your eBook, how to convert to proper formats, and finally, how to transfer them over to your Kindle Fire HDX.

KF8 is a brand new Kindle format, so you won't find many out there on the Internet, but they'll work just as well. While you can use these formats to read and open books (PDF especially), you won't be able to read them under the Books tab like you would with Kindle books.
It is supported by the largest number of eReaders—more than any other format—but the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX does not support this type of file.Fret not, you can still read an ePub book on your Kindle Fire HDX using a program like Calibre to convert it to the proper format.
Below, we'll go through the three different ways you can add an eBook to your Kindle Fire: via USB, through email, or with Dropbox.

Finally MOBI and PRC are formats used by the MobiPocket Reader, but many third-party readers can render these files, including the Kindle Fire HDX.

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