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Walking could help you lose weight in your stomach -- if you also enlist a low calorie diet and a weekly strength training program. PrecautionsIf you are leading a sedentary lifestyle, begin exercising with walking for 30 minutes daily. Abdominal strength training exercises such as crunches, situps and leg lifts will not specifically reduce the fat in your stomach, but will increase your muscle mass, making you appear more streamlined and defined as your weight decreases. For the average person weighing around 240 pounds, running at 5 mph will burn 905 calories in an hour.

Walking briskly or speed walking will burn the most calories in comparison to leisurely walking. You can't spot reduce, but you can lose fatty tissue around your abdomen by decreasing overall body fat. Do not exclusively work out your abdominal muscles without strengthening the other muscle groups, such as the back, legs, chest, arms and hips. Do not begin an exercise routine without first talking with your physician if you have health problems.

The most accurate method of maintaining your pace is to use a treadmill with a meter demonstrating how fast you’re walking.

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