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Spot Reduction -- The TruthWhen you lose weight, you can't control where your body burns fat on your body. Weighing Calorie BurnTo lose a single pound of fat, you need to burn 3,500 calories more than you consume. Importance of DietEven though the number of calories burned during a 20-minute jog aren't highly impressive, you can give fat burning a big boost by adopting dietary changes.
No exercise will magically shed weight specifically from your belly, but jogging can help you lose weight in general.
You may lose weight primarily from your belly, but you might find that it's a stubborn spot that's the last to lose weight.

A 130-pound jogger burns about 138 calories in 20 minutes, meaning it would take more than 25 workouts to lose a pound of fat.
But if you continually lose weight you will lose fat off your belly and the rest of your body, eventually. A 160-pound person would need to run less, but would still need to jog for more than 400 minutes to lose a single pound. A 160-pound person can expect her calorie burn to increase to about 170 calories in 20 minutes, taking more than 20 workouts to lose one pound . For safe weight loss, create a calorie deficit by cutting back your food intake in conjunction with adopting a 20-minute jogging routine.

If you're new to jogging or exercise, be sure to get your doctor's OK prior to hitting the pavement or treadmill.
At 190-pounds, a person would burn around 201 calories in 20 minutes meaning she would lose about a pound of fat after more than 17 workouts.

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