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All you have to do to start losing weight now is select your menu each day and Voila – healthy, fresh meals delivered to your door each day for the following day.
Each Fresh Diet meal is calorie controlled and nutritionally balanced for weight-loss, weight maintenance and healthy living. The Fresh Diet has state of the art kitchens in NY, LA, Miami, Chicago, Dallas and Toronto.
Our particular box contained five toddler-portioned meals from the Junior’s Fresh toddler menu.
The five meals included: The Juniors Fresh weekly mini-quesadilla (on whole wheat tortilla),  their Spaghetti-Oh! Junior’s Fresh asks that when you select your package, to let them know if there are certain tastes your tyke prefers to others. Soon, Juniors Fresh will be offering their Tiny Tykes & Toddler Tastes as itemized selections so that parents can order specific meals and design their own bundles! Each toddler meal delivery is filled with seasonally based meals perfect for advancing palates ready for larger bites.

With each day of the plan, you’ll receive 3 fresh gourmet meals, 2 sides and 2 snacks hand delivered daily. There are no recipes to prepare,  no cooking, no counting calories, no weighing or measuring… and no dishes!
Just dress in your fav vacation wear to any on the destinations, and you can win a trip to Hawaii.
The delivery service includes four different options from which you can select: Pureed meals for ages 4 months + (pictured above), textured meals for ages 9 months +, meals for ages 12 months +, or the toddler meals.
These meals are also great for storing half the bundle in the freezer and to pull out a meal when the babysitter comes for date night.
A truly successful diet where you lose weight and keep it off is something that millions of Americans try and fail at constantly. Unlike many weight loss plans, with The Fresh Diet, you have full control of choosing from hundreds of menu items. Daily caloric intake for meals and snacks are available in 1200 – 1400 calorie range for women and 1600 – 2200 calorie range for men.

The delivery came in an insulated, reusable lunch box with freezer packs inside to keep everything fresh.
That is why there are billions of dollars spent on diet suppliments and weight-loss products, exercise machines, and extreme measures such as liposuction. I chopped up the meat and blended it into the pasta with turkey meatballs for extra protein. This makes you aware of your food consumption and also shrinks your stomach, so you feel full eating less! The Fresh Diet has the time, the will and the expertise to expedite those New Year’s weight loss resolutions.
We had enjoyed their homemade snacks from when they catered the Drama Llama Studios event a in January, and I was sure that their prepared meals would be just as yummy.

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