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Thyroid problems are often misdiagnosed because the test given for hypothyroidism today is inadequate. In fact, it is recommended that you eat 4 ounces of protein at every meal in the form of meat, fish, fowl, eggs, or cheese. In addition, since all the pork, chickens and turkeys in our country, and a lot of the beef are fed a high soy diet, their meat, eggs, milk, and cheese becomes estrogenic, as well. Besides soy, another cause of hypothyroidism is flouride, which comes from fluoridated drinking water, flouride tooth paste, numerous pharmaceuticals including Prozac, food such as fish, tea, baby formula, mechanically deboned meat, soda pop, any reconstituted beverage made with fluoridated water, air pollution from factories, and Teflon coating. Another possible cause of hypothyroidism is artificial sweeteners in soda and other products.
Mercury from fish and amalgam fillings is a major thyroid suppressant, for it inhibits the conversion of T4 to T3. Although the spirochetes do not damage the thyroid, they produce a toxin that covers the T3 receptor sites on the cells where the spirochetes are active, making it difficult for thyroid hormone to be absorbed. An excellent food that happens to be bad for the thyroid are all cruciferous vegetables unless well cooked. Another significant reason why hypothyroidism is an epidemic is because of radiation from all the nuclear testing that was done in the fifties and sixties. In addition to a pro-thyroid diet, you can also take whole thyroid pills, but the ones that still have active thyroid in them are practically impossible to find.

ResVante is an anti-aging formula that is the only liquid nutritional that contains trans-resveratrol. Since most people in America eat these foods, this is probably one of the reasons why hypothyroidism is an epidemic. If you enjoy cole slaw, this will be one of the foods you will have to give up if you go on a pro-thyroid diet. Mark Hyman’s blog is another great resource for people trying to improve their thyroid. The routine is to take one quarter pill for breakfast, half for lunch, and one quarter for dinner.
I do not diagnose, prescribe for, treat, or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human disease.
Because polyunsaturated fats are in all seeds and nuts, these aren’t good for the thyroid either. This was done to thousands upon thousands of newborns during a twenty year period for no other reason than that they had the sniffles. That’s a whole lot of missed diagnoses for a problem that can be easily remedied with a pro-thyroid diet and a few capsules of whole thyroid. When someone has hypothyroidism, they need to avoid all external sources of estrogen, including synthetic estrogens from birth control pills or prescription hormone medication for menopause, bioidentical hormones from a compounding pharmacy, natural estrogens from herbs and foods like black cohosh, vitex, sage, penny royal, and soy, and xenoestrogens that come from car exhaust, herbicides, pesticides, flouride, and plastics.

According to her Newsletter, there are three fats that are good for the thyroid: olive oil, butter, and coconut oil. This cleanse is not intended for use by children, pregnant, or lactating women except under the care of a physician. In addition, some people have thyroid resistance, and may need additional T3 in the form of Cytomel for complete conversion to occur.
The only way you will know for sure which you are is to take your temperature regularly and monitor your progress. Because his doctors at the Scripts Institute were doing nothing for him, I sent him to the Holtorf Medical Center  where they do integrative medicine.
By the time I was 50, I was certain I had full-blown hypothyroidism, but I never could get a doctor to do anything about it. His book and workbook entitled The Ultramind Solution, and Six Weeks To An Ultramind have many great suggestions for balancing all of one’s hormones.

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