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Then, we invite your questions about diets for addiction recovery at the end.A healthy diet in recovery restores mind and bodyJust as individuals with cardiac disease or diabetes have specific risk factors that can be addressed by diet, individuals with substance abuse issues also display particular symptoms that can be addressed by sound nutrition in recovery. Significant deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, which often come as a result of substance abuse, can eventually damage vital organs, as well as the immune and nervous systems. Unstable moods and memory loss can also be repaired with the help of a solid plan for nutrition in recovery.
Poor sleeping patterns, also typical with substance abuse, may also be addressed through diet.Good nutrition in recovery has many benefits.
The body gains strength which makes it easier to carry out more difficult physical and mental tasks.
The body and mind heal and an overall healthier lifestyle replaces the poor eating habits typical of those in the throes of substance abuse.

This will include plenty of vegetables and fruits, grains, low fat meat or alternative proteins.
Experts also point out that the way a body and mind are affected by substance abuse depends largely on the substance itself. Caffeine and sugar should either be eliminated or drastically reduced, as they can cause mood fluctuations.4. Bad eating habits can be just as hard to give up as drugs or alcohol, so it may be smart to move gradually to changes in diet that will promote long-term recovery. The best relapse prevention strategies include slow but steady progress.Make nutrition in recovery a priorityJust as with any new initiative, persistence and commitment will result in positive results. And, if you need help, we suggest that you seek the professional expertise of a licensed nutritionist, life coach, or a licensed clinical psychologist.

These health professionals can help you set and achieve your goals in a healthy, positive way.In fact, we invite you to share your tips or experiences about healthy eating in addiction recovery below. We try to respond to all legitimate comments or questions with a personal and prompt reply.

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