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In this article, we will show you how to write a complete workout, nutrition and even supplement plan for ongoing gym success. To progress in weight with most exercises, start out on 3x12 reps the first week, increase to 3x13 week 2, 3x14 week 3 and 3x15 week 4. Continue this pattern for 8-12 weeks in your workout plan and you should see some considerable gains. Omega 3 from fish oil and skim milk has been proven to significantly increases the speed of burning fat and muscle recovery after a workout.

If you're having problems coming up with a plan, go build one at this workout plan site (link in source). Read sources & citations if you don't have the time, we have included a workout plan builder app for you to use. The great thing about parkour is that anyone can do it and this applies to the parkour workouts or techniques as well. For example, you can do the 2 body part a day routine, split workout plan (workout every 2 days), or exhaust every body part daily like a chain smoker attempting a one off cross country track.

There are always ways to progress into a technique as they become more and more complicated.

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