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Digestion is the cornerstone to health in every form of traditional medicine that I have studied. Traditional medicine and western medicine agree that the best treatment for constipation is a high fiber diet, plenty of water intake and exercise.
This is generally seen in younger folks who may have an uptight personality, or who have regularly resisted the first urge to poop. If this isn’t helping, then fiber supplements like psyllium are used or over-the-counter laxatives like milk of magnesia. I recommend a diet high in vegetables and non-sugary fruits such as blueberries and raspberries as well as regular exercise that is appropriate for the individual.
Basically the peristaltic action of the bowels is weak and so the feces is unable to move through the intestines. Taking too much magnesium leads to loose stools, so I generally recommend that people start with a low amount and then slowly increase until regular but solid bowel movements are found.
But rather than just throw everything but the kitchen sink at your bowels in a desperate attempt to temporarily relieve severe constipation, it is far more efficient to understand why your bowels are not moving optimally and then address the root cause. Some people think irregular bowel movements aren’t a big deal and so they never make time to address it.
Common constipation symptoms are infrequency of bowel movements, straining upon defecating, or even an incomplete passage of the bowels. If you are looking for a natural remedy for constipation or for some constipation home remedy, the most important thing to do is to figure out why you are constipated.
For constipation caused by pharmaceutical drugs or diseases, more aggressive medications may be used. In this scenario cathartic laxatives may be used in the short term to provide more tone to the bowels.

Antispasmodic herbs and relaxing nervines can reduce some of the spastic tissues of the bowels, resulting in an easier passage. I’ve seen common food intolerances such as soy, gluten and dairy cause constipation in individuals. The dosage is different for everyone and an experienced practitioner can formulate this specifically (using more of one fruit or another) for an individual.
Others have tried some constipation home remedy but they didn’t get the results they were looking for (and you’ll see why in this article). Eating an imbalanced diet high in meats and dairy with little soluble and insoluble fiber can easily cause constipation in anyone!
Bitter herbs for constipationThe bitter taste supports the entire digestive process, creating a cascade of events such as digestive enzyme secretion, bile production and secretion, and peristalsis.
Ideally, bowel movements should pass without straining 1-3 times a day, be well formed and be a dark brown color (but color may change temporarily due to dietary intake such as beets). It is always important to figure out the why in order to fully address and resolve this problem. In this next section we’ll look at home remedies for constipation to address some of the causes of constipation that are listed above.
Soluble fiber and magnesium for constipation can help to keep the bowel soft and easier to pass. Plenty of fibrous vegetables, carrots, cabbage, brussel sprouts, green leafy vegetables are great foods for constipation. Lifestyle changes and relaxing nervine herbs and adaptogen herbs can be a great constipation home remedy to address this. Severe constipation is a great example of why this holistic healing paradigm is often more effective in the long run than standard western medicine.

If that is not possible then a well-formulated digestive herbal bitters blend that they take before meals will also work well.Carminative herbs for constipationThese herbs are generally warming and help to encourage digestive fire. This is also why there are no “best constipation herbs” or no "best constipation home remedy".
In my opinion that is far too long!You can read more about the digestive system anatomy here. They can be added liberally to meals (the plus side is they taste great!)Bulk LaxativesThese need to be taken with plenty of water.
Instead, we want to match the herbs to the person, not to the disease (in this case severe constipation).
There are many different causes of constipation and so before addressing the symptom we need to know the cause. In this article we will first look at constipation from a western medicine perspective and then broaden our scope to a more holistic understanding so you can find a constipation home remedy that will work for you specifically.
Demulcent herbs for constipationDemulcent or mucilaginous herbs can soothe inflammation of the bowels to help reduce irritation.
Cathartic herbs for constipationI rarely use this category of herbs and when I do recommend them it is for a short period of time only since you can easily become habituated to them.
These can cause a bowel movement within 2 - 6 hours but if they are taken in excess or not taken within the right formulation they can also cause cramping and pain.

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