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2.   a foray into other dietary regimens, such as paleo, low-carb, cooked vegan, macrobiotic, or ayurvedic. I also adjusted my diet to add more cooked foods to see if that would change the way I felt as well. Mr Norris writes about his own experience on a raw vegan diet that led him to write an article dispelling the myths of the dangers of cooked vegan foods. Another reason for some short term improvements could be the switch from a high protein to a low protein diet which starts a process called autophagy.
As the consumption of raw foods gains popularity, some potentially unsafe foods have reentered the diets of humans. Soy foods and products were preferred for some time, but recently, we have discovered they are simply bad. We now know unfermented soy, especially in baby foods, causes problems, such as delayed development, allergies (environmental and food), asthma, lower IQ, and childhood cancers (leukemia). Coloring and preservatives used in processed foods, especially the snack foods pregnant women enjoy are directly linked as a cause of ADHD in children.
Avoiding sugary foods, colorings, chemicals, and pesticides during this time allows children to start developing self-control and ability to pay attention without artificial medications.

Intermittent fatigue, dental woes, hair loss, concentration problems, and some not-so-happy blood test results forced me to rethink the dietary regimen I was so tightly clutching. I had low body fat to begin with, and on the raw foods diet my weight dropped from 138 to 128 lbs. With respect to gluten alone 30% of the population has a gene that makes them sensitive to it and just cutting this one food item could account for many of the health improvements.
However, the following list includes many foods which are rarely promoted by the educated proponents of raw foodism, especially beans or legumes. Other parasites and viruses may also be present, such as Toxoplasma, Trichinella, or rotavirus, which may cause serious foodborne illnesses. We now know low fat lifestyles and diets are causes of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and depression.
Proper fat consumption during pregnancy can be easily measured in the development of the fetal brain. More recently after finding that eating Paleo food choices was the "icing on the cake" health wise, I have become a Paleo enthusiast and teacher. I thought the tips of my teeth were always this transparent and that the darkened spots near my gum line were just stains from all the colorful food I was eating.

They contained story after story of people curing their heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other diseases through raw foods.
These health improvements are also similar to those that people rave about when they switch to a conventional paleo diet, that also removes grains, legumes, dairy, processed foods, and high omega 6 vegetable oils and sugar.
Low-fat diets during pregnancy have resulted in lower birth weight, development problems, sickly children, and miscarriage.
Starting early, you can avoid potential problem by simply avoiding any foods that contain chemicals and pesticides. Healthy fats from natural foods are especially important since nearly 70% of the new tissues are fat based.
In most people, this results in aching in joints, increased chances of high blood pressure, fatigue, head pain (a hangover is a dehydrated brain), and a depressed immune system.

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