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Once or twice a week, take 20 minutes to wash, cut, peel, and store a whole variety of veggies in plastic containers. I like to take my fruit and veggies out of their bags and containers when possible.  I also like the idea of storing lettuce and other cut up vegetables in mason jars like this post from Salad in a Jar. I also like having the lazy susan in the fridge – it really makes it so much easier to reach those items in the back.  Just give it a quick spin! Placing fruits and vegetables on the middle shelves of the refrigerator puts them in plain sight, and Cooking Light's theory is that this makes it more likely that you'll grab them instead of, say, the leftover pizza that used to occupy that space. Whether or not this space swap actually increases the likelihood that we'll eat more veggies, I think this is a very practical way to at least remember which vegetables we have.

One way you can improve your diet and help you lose weight is to open up your fridge, throw out the unhealthy stuff, and fill it anew with healthy food. I use the pre-washed and cut vegetables to make our Snack Tray Lunches at least twice a week. I think that if I ever did get my fridge looking that nice, my family would mess it up in no time! Pears, apples, oranges, and berries are just a few examples of what you can stock up in the fridge and grab for a quick snack and great addition to your diet. The selection changes throughout the year, but there is always an assortment of washed and cleaned vegetables ready for snacking or salad making.

I set the vegetable box and some Homemade Ranch Dip on the table almost every night while I am making dinner.
I like the idea of cutting the screw tops off plastic bottles to make re-sealable spouts for bagged foods. You can also wash and trim celery and then store it in the vegetable box with the other ready to eat produce.

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