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CrossFit Amundson Santa Cruz is a tribute to the very first CrossFit gym located on Research Park Drive. CrossFit Amundson Santa Cruz is located less than one mile from the original CrossFit Headquarters facility, 800 meters from one of the most legendary surf breaks in the World, and next door to the best locally owned coffee shop in Santa Cruz.
Whether you’re trying to start your own gym, turn your garage into a home box, or if you just what to know what the heck a kettlebell is before you walk into your first session, this Equipment List is your go-to guide. Dumbbells: A basic piece of gym equipment, dumbbells are nice, but not necessarily a functional fitness must.
Gymnastics rings: The rings are actually pretty essential for signature functional moves such as ring dips and muscle ups.
Tires: Tire flips are pretty impressive, and great for building strength, but these also take up a lot of space and can be a pretty inconvenient piece of equipment.

One of the principles of CrossFit training is for clients to work in a supportive and less competitive group envirorment than in some gyms.
Synergy of Sport Fairfield, a chiropractic care facility, and CrossFitSOSF, a specialized gym, have opened at 338 Commerce Drive. A CrossFit gym is based more on functional exercise and biomechanics than on traditional gym equipment, according to Dr. A new business that combines chiropractic care with CrossFit training has opened in Fairfield. The connection between chiropractic care and physical training is clear, Skelton said, and clients are able to use either the chiropractic care, the CrossFit training gym, or both.
Classes offered in the CrossFit gym are designed for a wide variety of levels, ranging from classes for clients recovering from injuries or surgery, to classes for high-level athletes.

In closing, the CrosFire Conquest is an excellent all-in-one station that allows for easy supervision of a majority of standard CrossFit exercises in a relatively compact area and is constructed to handle the heaviest of usage. Chris Skelton, a chiropractic physician, Level 1 CrossFit trainer, CrossFit athlete and owner of the new enterprise. It goes into detail about great brands for equipment, how to start turning your garage into a gym, what to look for (and avoid!) when purchasing a piece of equipment, and more. Performance enhancement packages combining chiropractic sessions with CrossFit classes are also available.

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