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The difference between a crash diet and a healthy weight loss program is that while a well-rounded, sustainable diet focuses on a nutritious varied diet, crash diets focus on exclusively on dramatically decreasing calorie consumption or promising to add a wonder food to your diet that will magically burn fat for you.
You may be really tempted to crash diet before your wedding day or a bikini-filled vacation, but what appears to be a quick, magical fix is just the opposite. It leaves you feeling lousy: We know that the body needs consistent and well-balanced nourishment to work at its optimal level, and crash diets aren't not known for being nutritionally sound.
It's short-lived: A yo-yo diet may have you feeling awesome when your water weight flies off the scale, but things shift very quickly.

You're bound to gain it back (and then some): The Weight of the Nation recently reported that maintaining weight loss is already difficult for people who went about it the healthy way, but crash dieting slows down your metabolism, making it much harder to keep weight off and far easier to gain even more back. It hurts your health: Other than messing up your metabolism, crash dieting affects the way your body functions.
Some crash diet programs include extreme exercise routines, while others claim exercise is not needed to achieve results. If you're still not convinced that fad diets don't work in the long-run, then here are four simple reasons to just say no.

Nutritionists and other health professionals repeatedly warn us against the dangers of crash diets.

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