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Over 60 boot camps have risen up in the last few years to meet the needs of career changers and others looking to get on the fast track to a nearly six-figure job in software development.
In terms of costs and time commitment, coding boot camps fall in between self-study and the traditional university computer science degrees. Compared to self-study, however, boot camps offer more support and additional motivation to learn and succeed. Depending on the boot camp, the intensive courses can also teach you more nuanced, professional skills that can be invaluable when starting out in your new job.
The end goal for most boot camp attendees is to go in and a few weeks later emerge with the coding chops and confidence to not just get a job as a full-time software engineer, but make a career out of it. Most of the people who talked to me about their reasons for attending a boot camp had a similar background: They had some to little background in coding but they knew that if they wanted to go to the next level they had to do something drastic.
Not everyone has to have some experience in coding to get accepted to a boot camp, but it helps.
Graduates of boot camps surveyed by Course Report had an average 44% boost in income after attending the boot camp. Launch Academy – A 10-week web development bootcamp, with a 6-week online pre-learning course and 6 months of post-graduate support. Firehose Virtual Apprenticeships – Firehose also offers a 12-week virtual coding bootcamp, aimed at providing more flexibility and one-on-one time to apprentices.
Of course there are many online options for learning to code, but Boston-based dev bootcamps & career accelerators all have relationships with local companies that are hiring, and most specifically offer job-placement assistance as part of the program.

Accelerated programs like Dev Bootcamp, Hackbright Academy, and Hack Reactor arm students with the fundamental skills needed to compete as engineers — no previous coding experience required.
HackerRank is a technical talent platform used by programmers to hone their coding skills and by companies to recruit great tech talent.
Last month, education giant Kaplan announced its acquisition of a rapidly growing company called Dev Bootcamp. DBC is the pioneer of what is now a cottage industry — vocational bootcamps and apprenticeships are popping up everywhere in the United States.
Meanwhile, many critics state that Dev Bootcamp’s promise is a marketing scam, that 9 weeks is simply too short of a time, that the market now has too many inexperienced bootcamp graduates applying for jobs (and not enough experienced developers), etc.
However, a common argument is that coding programs come with a steep price tag and aren’t exactly as advertised. So these programs are definitely not a silver bullet that transforms beginners into Mark Zuckerbergs, but they set them up for success– though the path to success might require more than simply graduating from the bootcamp itself. So now that there are more and more entry-level developers graduating from bootcamps and looking for jobs, life might have just gotten simultaneously more difficult and easier for tech recruiters. The bootcamp model isn’t perfect, but it has a promising future– a compelling supplement (maybe even a full-out alternative) to online education, college, or grad school.
Also, despite the high job placement rates, it could take months to get a job after graduating from a boot camp.
Such nine- to 12-week accelerated programs, including Dev Bootcamp, Hackbright Academy, and Hack Reactor, arm students with the fundamental skills needed to compete as engineers — no previous coding experience required.

But she also points out that intensive bootcamps have produced excellent candidates and that Facebook continues to screen them for technical and analytical roles. For those who don’t know, Dev Bootcamp is an intensive 9-week training program that turns webdev beginners into entry-level software developers.
For example, Dev Bootcamp boasts that, as of 2012, graduates have a job placement rate of 95% and an average salary of $85,000.
There’s the SF-based Hack Reactor, the Harvard of bootcamps that focuses on JavaScript and claims a median starting salary of $110,000. At the conclusion of most bootcamps, recruiters are invited to come speak with graduates and demo their projects.
Almost 90% of Hackbright and Dev Bootcamp graduates receive offers within three months and now work as engineers at companies like Facebook and Eventbrite.
In addition, it would be wise to set up coding challenges that let candidates show how good they are.
So, in that way, I did feel as prepared as I could have been for someone who had really only been coding sincerely for less than 5 months.

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