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While you may have only considered regular tablets or softgels in the past, taking a chewable version of your prenatal vitamins is an equally effective way to get the vitamins you need. We believe Bellybar Chewable Prenatal to be the best chewable prenatal vitamin for a few reasons.
In our estimation, Bellybar Chewable Prenatal and Vitafusion PreNatal Gummy are the best chewable and gummy prenatal vitamins, respectively. Especially if you aren’t comfortable swallowing pills on a regular basis, chewable prenatal vitamins are worth trying out.

It provides all of its vitamin A in the form of beta carotene, a safer form for your baby than the retinyl palmitate found in Vitafusion PreNatal. Vitafusion’s vitamins have the upper hand when it comes to taste, but Bellybar probably wins on the diversity of vitamins it includes. Finally, and the most important of all, Bellybar Chewable Prenatal vitamins are simply a better all-around vitamin. For example, while the Vitafusion offers no iron whatsoever, Bellybar gives you 27 mg per serving, which is more than enough for a day. While it is true that you can supplement iron separately, that seems to defeat the purpose of looking for a chewable vitamin in the first place.

If not having to swallow any vitamins is a priority for you, the Bellybar Chewable Prenatal vitamins are the obvious choice.

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