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Carbohydrates are formed by green plants as a product of photosynthesis and are the most abundant compounds found on earth. This is most commonly occurring carbohydrates containing two or more mono saccharides units linked together. Complex carbohydrates consist of many mono saccharides bonded together in a variety of bonding patterns.
Kilani-fischer synthesisIn this synthesis a higher carbohydrate is synthesized from the lower carbohydrate.

Carbohydrates are organically derived compounds composed of carbon atoms combined with "hydrates" (such as water, H2O).
Mono saccharides are the building blocks of other carbohydrates, such as di saccharides and starch. They lack the vitamins, minerals, and fiber that other carbohydrates provide, so, they should be used less frequently.Three choices from the non starchy vegetables list count as one carbohydrate choice.
Most carbohydrates are considered as plant products, lactose is one of the few considered exclusively from the animal products.

Both glycogen and starch are built of glucose units, fibers are composed of a variety of mono saccharides and other carbohydrate derivatives.

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