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Low Carb Diet Tools - Carbohydrate CounterCarbohydrate counter, hidden carbs calculator and other low carb diet tools from .
Free Atkins Carb Counter lists the carbohydrate counts for hundreds of foods.The free 80 page Atkins carb counter PDF booklet is broken down into categories like beverages, breads, breakfast, fruit, vegetables, cheese, fast food, and many, many more.
Download the Atkins Comprehensive Carbohydrate Counter and Acceptable Food Lists to find the Net Carbs in many of your favorite foods. If sugary Froot Loops can tout itself as a whole-grain food, there’s something amiss. Use this rule when choosing whole-grain foods: for every 10 grams of carbohydrate there should be at least one gram of fiber.
They tallied up grams of whole grains in each product, along with the amounts of carbohydrates, fiber, added sugar, trans fat, and sodium, plus the number of calories. She and her colleagues started this project when they realized there was little evidence-based information for guiding consumers, schools, and other organizations about choosing healthful whole grain foods. The advantage is that the information needed is easily found on food labels, which list both total carbohydrates and fiber (see illustration).

As a side note, don’t consume dried fruits as they are much higher in carbohydrate (sugar) content. We’ve been told for so many years that eating foods like pasta and whole grain breads and drinking beverages like fruit juices are healthy for us but years of consuming these carb-laden foods and beverages have left us overweight and confused.
Just because an item is listed in the booklet does not mean that it is safe on the Atkins diet. That means that if you take a 50 gram serving and slice those strawberries up into some cream, you’ll only be consuming 3 grams of carbohydrate! For instance, low carb veterans might know that a Taco Bell Taco Salad has about 64 net grams of carbs or that 11 pieces of Baked KC Masterpiece BBQ potato chips have 20 grams of net carbs but someone new to the low carb diet might not. And a poll by the International Food Information Council showed that 75% of those surveyed said they were trying to eat more whole grains, while 67% said the presence of whole grains was important when buying packaged foods. That’s about the ratio of fiber to carbohydrate in a genuine whole grain—unprocessed wheat. The Atkins Comprehensive Carbohydrate Counter and Acceptable Food Lists was designed to help you find the Net Carbs in hundreds of your favorite foods.

The USDA’s MyPlate recommends choosing grain products with a whole grain as the first item in the ingredient list or listing whole grain as the first item and containing no added sugars. The Atkins carb counter also includes an explanation of what the Net Carbs Count is as well as also including an Acceptable Food List broken down by the first three phases of the Atkins Diet: Induction, Ongoing Weight Loss and Pre-Maintenance. The nonprofit Whole Grains Council promotes the Whole Grain Stamp, which a company can place on its packaging if the product contains at least eight grams of whole grains per serving.
Below the three tables (divided into high, moderate and low GI foods) give the GI values for .
You can see that there is a great deal of variation in the carbohydrate content of canned foods.

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