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For more hardcore workouts to get you shredded fast, check out our new DVD, Shock Training. This is a training style unlike anything you’ve experienced before, combining old-school experience with new-school research to get you bigger and more ripped than ever. They can be done with a barbell or dumbbells, and when done right, they’ll set your metabolism into overdrive. Energy levels, breathing, added fat, depression, money, and all the other crap… it was just getting to me.
I was buying all the magazines that offered all the “abs in 6 weeks” bullshit and I was doing everything they said, buying all the shakes and all the supplements it said and doing all this while still living my “party life” but as usual nothing was working and I was getting frustrated and skint. I told all my friends and family but as you can imagine they didn’t believe me as it was “just who I am” they thought.
So after deciding I needed a change in my life, I started searching the internet for hours and hours, and I bet you probably already know, all you find is contradicting and conflicting crap.
The cool stuff I was reading and the studies to back up what they were saying (Twinkie diet!) was so cool man… I used to get a buzz while reading it all (BETTER THEN ANY DRUG).
From eating the same bland food over and over again to enjoying a variety of foods that I love and can adhere to. It also inspired me to get a diploma in personal training and nutrition (even the course that cost me ?3500 didn’t have the in-depth info these sites have) and set up my own Facebook fitness page. NOT only all this (seriously I can’t write all this site brings, I recommend just go start reading one of them NOW), but I also speak to Jay (owner) on a regular basis. Also his workout routine page gives you workouts that ain’t pathetic over the top, like most bodybuilders routines are that are busting our joints and killing us.
And I have already planed my first bulk with all of the site’s awesome info and I cant wait to share my results with Jay and his sites. Anyways I hope you have enjoyed my post to explain how awesome these sites are and how much ANYONE can benefit from them, and also I hope Jay gets the message of how much I appreciated everything he’s told and educated me.
So people stop wasting time, money and effort on all the bullshit out there, pour ya self a big glass of water, get in your pjs and study these sites like its your bible and I GUARANTEE you in a few months you will have the amazing body and healthy lifestyle you’ve craved for so long for absolutely free. You got lean & look great for sure but I think beating an addiction like that is the most amazing part of your story.
Hi Aaron, fossatti is my family name, I’m not a hater, I see so many before and after pictures on ads and it makes me laugh that people believe what they see and read, anyone can get into this shape, but without the right mindset or dedication people will have to settle for articles like this and dream.
I feel like those programs complicate things so that you think you are getting your money’s worth. So I developed a plan: I would eat a good balance of food and workout intensely, focusing on getting stronger with the main lifts. We’ve pretty much all spent some period of time going through what you did, myself included. But I’m glad to hear you did and are now on the right track with your diet and training.
Cardio as a tool for fat loss is over-rated, over-used, and overall a very poor time investment for the IF user. Most people that ask me questions about cardio understand this, however there is confusion as to at what point cardio becomes necessary to get leaner.
Scott, Jeff and Phil pictured above did not use cardio to get into their shredded condition. Intermittent Fasting (particularly the Leangains type where people skip breakfast) can perhaps enable us to get to leaner than with other diet methods through diet manipulation alone.

Stubborn body fat is physiologically different from other fat in your body and this makes the removal of it difficult.
There is a theoretical limit on how much fat can be oxidised (burned) before the body will fuel itself by breaking down muscle mass. The FFAs need to be transported through the blood to somewhere where they can be used for fuel. When getting really lean (assuming a calorie deficit) the body has only muscle or the stubborn fat reserves left to fuel itself on. Cardio can increase blood flow to these areas, which is one reason why you may have heard nutritionist Martin Berkhan recommend fasted walking on non-training days. Yohimbine HCL can increase blood flow to these areas, which is why you may have heard that recommended also, but it would be a waste of money to take it before you get to the stubborn fat stage. It would be remiss of me to not mention this: The leaner we get, the greater the potential for muscle loss with a reduced meal frequency. If you eat a greater meal frequency and spread your meals further across the day instead of skipping breakfast, your risk of muscle mass losses is minimised, but you add in more complication to your diet. Consider also that the clients you see in the top picture skipped breakfast, ate twice a day, and did not use any cardio to get into that condition. However, it’s important to consider that they were recreational trainees without a deadline, not professional or serious amateur competitors looking to get any potential possible edge over the competition.
If you finally get to the point where stubborn fat is a problem then it pays to educate yourself on methods of removing it so that your time is spent in the most efficient manner. After seeing one too many people get ripped off by supplement and training industry lies I decided to try and do something about it.
When I'm not helping clients you'll likely find me crashing down a mountain on a snowboard, riding a motorbike, or staring at watches I can't afford. And as you’re about to see, the story is just as impressive as the pics that go with them. It was either continue the awful life I was living or make a change and go for something new, so I decided I am going to get shredded more then ever and I was quitting the horrible life I was living. As usual I wasn’t waiting for a reply but a week later he replied offering a tailored diet and nutrition plan to get me ripped. Damn I don’t even want to be a fitness model, I just wanted to be ripped but I felt and looked dreadful. Without this site I would be skint through still buying awful diet plans and busting my neck through pointless over the top workouts.
Thanks for the compliments, thanks for the awesome feedback, and thanks for sharing your impressive transformation and even more impressive story on the site. When you think about, he did something most people fail at (overcoming drugs and the whole lifestyle that comes with it) while simultaneously doing something else most people fail at (getting really lean).
It’s mostly just going to be a matter of how much time are you going to spend there, are you ever going to find your way through it, and what are you going to do when (and if) you do. So much so that the new cool trend has become threatening legal action (rather than engaging in intelligent civil debate) whenever you mention their name in a negative way.
For those that enjoy cardio then this is time well spent; everyone has their own preferences, live and let live. I told them that they wouldn’t need it to get to a body-fat level they would be satisfied with.

Fatter individuals can afford a greater deficit before this happens than leaner individuals because the body uses fuels in the ratio they are available. The greater the calorie deficit and the leaner you are, the greater the risk of muscle loss. But if you take things slow and steady then the risk is small. Hours of cardio is not the answer and can lead to muscle loss when very lean; specific and targeted cardio can be. It's had a lot of love poured into it, and I hope you find the guides to the diet and training methods I use on this site useful. I never lifted free weights just was using machines and doing bit of cardio here and there.
Absolutely everything from how many kcal’s you need, how much of the three macronutrients you need, whether or not your goal is to build muscle or torch fat… no matter how old you are, it has it all.
Seriously I cannot praise this site enough I recommend it to everyone I know and always use its info when I get asked questions. Like I say I just qualified as a personal trainer and I have all the “books” they give you that’s full of info but nothing compares to the info on this site and how it’s told. But I guess my point is that everything you see on acaloriecounter and aworkoutroutine is good advice.
But on the flipside, it seems that in those 9 weeks he was focused on just losing bodyfat and getting cut, a goal most definitely attainable within a 9 week period….IF you are following good advice and putting in the hard work! Also, if someone is in a rush to get into stage ready condition and so the deficit they need to have is greater than what would be most conservative for muscle mass retention, a greater meal frequency should be considered. Note that what you are doing and what I recommend in the training sections is not the same. Then the remainder of the calorie budget can be made up of carbs and fats as per her preference. Despite having 4 years of lifting under my belt I still consider myself a beginner, because it is only recently that I have adopted a SMART and INFORMED approach to getting a muscular physique. It provides all the info you need to reach your goal using extremely common sense principles that work. It is encouraging and motivating to me to see that other people are following this simple advice and getting the results they want, even if they aren’t exactly the results that I want. Both of which I’d rather not be the one bent over and puking and adding in two days of enjoyable conditioning keeps me at a level where I can last long enough for the strength difference to shine through. Do you recommend just adding on 200-300 kcal to the rest day numbers or just using the calories for the actual workout day set up. This matters because even if you overcome the problems associated releasing the FFAs (fat) into the blood stream, if there isn’t sufficient enough blood flow to carry them elsewhere to be burned then they will just be reabsorbed into the fat cell. I am not looking to get built or have huge arms, just loose that bit of belly fat and mabe work on a 6 pack.

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