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A research conducted at Missouri University has come out with the evidence that Plants can feel threats nearby of their environment and react to the sound threats of while been eaten. Every Living things has feelings, emotions and also feels the pain, as being Human we can feel the pain of Birds and Animals but about tiny insects sometimes we could not understand what sort of pain they are going through, as they could not express themselves and we do not hear the voice of their screaming through pain, it does not mean the tiny insects do not feel pain. The above research carried out by Missouri University (MU) has come with an evidence that Plants do feel negative actions when bite by a small tiny insect too, they even express their feeling while been eaten by insects. As both Plants and Animal have feelings and bear the pain, is it lawful to eat Veg or Non-Veg foods.
If we believe in Humanity and are concern for the feelings of Animals, we should neither ignore the suffering of Plants too as they grow to like humans they have time period of life and they are made in pairs and do have feelings and bears the pain, while plucking, chopping, cooking and eating.

In this way you can pleased Allaah and earn rewards, performing one good deed and you are always be remembered in Dua of a person who you have helped either Muslim (or) Non-Muslim. As we came to know plants have genders too, and the research has analyzed that plant even can talk to each other through some bubble gasses excreted from them while they feel the threats. The Go green funda is more active in all over the world because some religious faiths believe killing Animals is far cruel than consuming Vegetables for the living.
The above study has made it clear the Plants do have feelings, emotions and do feel pain in stress.
So it is lawful to have Plants and Animals for consumption, if we believe not in hurting one group of feelings we should take into consideration on the whole as all leaving things feel the pain, and if we believe in Humanity, on the whole, giving pain to an Animal is crueler than plants, we should consider the pain of Plants while you take every morsel of vegetable food.

If Allah(SWT) has allowed Humans to feel the pain of plants, the Humans would never have thought of consuming plants rather depend upon Animals for their survival. They believe the animals bears a lot of pain for sacrificing (or) slaughtering it for consumption. While some believe it is completely lawful to have Plants for consumption as they may feel or may not feel the pain of plucking, chopping, cooking and even eating them.

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