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Choose a variety of different fruits and vegetables to add to your snacks and meals throughout the day, eating a rainbow of colors for the most nutrients. Knowing how many calories you eat each day is one way to keep track of your overall diet and health. This means that their caloric value is not readily available, which can be confusing for someone trying to watch her calories over the course of a day.
Actual calories may vary depending on the size of the fruit or vegetable you have selected.

Use these calorie counts to help you make smarter decisions about what you eat during the day. Print out this table for the calories of many common fruits and vegetables to keep track of what you're eating.
For example, you can eat an entire spaghetti squash for not many more calories than a medium plain potato - one that doesn't contain any butter, oil or sour cream. Add more low-calorie fruits and vegetables to your diet to help you feel fuller and more satisfied, while staying under your calorie limit for the day.

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