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High in micro nutrients, extremely low in calories, and fat free, Broccoli is a really good friend when it comes to weight loss. They are very high in vitamin A carotenoids, vitamin C, folic acid, and fiber – which are all good for weight loss.
Cooking destroys or can destroy a lot of the nutrients that Broccoli has to offer – so its best to add it to the diet in its raw form.

Weight Loss Tips – Broccoli may get stuck in your teeth, but french fries get stuck on your ass.
Broccoli contains lots of anti-oxidants which fight free radicals, as well as vitamin C which boosts the immune system.
Broccoli contains a high amount of potassium which promoted good muscle growth and good brain function.

They contain good amounts of omega 3 fatty acids which are excellent for weight loss and cholesterol.

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